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YLG Nails 365 Nail Enamel Review

When you are a working woman and have a lot of presentations to do; the first thing that’s noticed are your nails. Sadly, we have just a few options. We can apply nail enamel or don’t apply nail enamel. We can wear a light shade or wear a dark shade. That’s a tough decision. Isn’t it? Some may think this is an exaggeration but is it really? What’s a big no is half painted nails or chipped off nails. Learn more about this enamel below along with my final verdict. So, here is YLG Nails 365 Nail Enamel Review.

YLG Nails 365 Nail Enamel Review

YLG Nails 365 Nail Enamel is your quick fix to decorate and protect your nails. The packaging states that the matte sparkle long-lasting shades are just perfect to get that chic look. The enamel’s come in different shades. One for every season and mood. If you love decorating your nails then this review is right for you. Learn about my experience and final verdict below!


Shelf Life : 3 years

Color : Dark navy blue (go all the wave)

Fragrance : Smell of paint

My Experience

What can I say about this product. It stands up to what it claims perfectly. The matte sparkle finish and the colour of the shade is fantastic and really long lasting. There is no need to apply several coats. One stroke and you’re done. Be it a day meeting or an evening party, this dark navy blue shade just stands out and makes you look chic and cool. This is one of the few best matte finish nail enamel that I have come across.

YLG Nails 365 Nail Enamel Review

How to use YLG Nails 365 Nail Enamel?

Open the cap by twisting it, dip the brush in the nail enamel and apply on your nails.

When to use YLG Nails 365 Nail Enamel?

Whenever you are in a mood to dress up and show up.


A square bottle with a turn around opener dispensed with a medium sized brush and necessary labels.

Pros & Cons of YLG Nails 365 Nail Enamel


  1. Dries superfast
  2. Smooth and perfect as the brush is just perfect
  3. Intense finish
  4. Long-lasting
  5. Easy to apply
  6. Doesn’t chip off


  1. Not water-proof
  2. It can be hard to remove it because the color is really dark

Final Verdict

  • A good nail enamel with a reasonable price tag and versatile vibrant colour range for your pretty chic look.
  • Our Ratings: 8.5/10
  • Price: INR 199 for 9 ml

Where to Buy

Available on original brand website and many third party websites such as Amazon

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