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THE BODY SHOP Color Crush Lipstick Review

Don’t we all love taking selfies with a perfect pout? Pouts make an amazing selfie! To enhance those cute little pouts, don’t we need to add some color? In THE BODY SHOP Color Crush Lipstick Review, we will be discussing on Magenta De Rougue shade. I must say it is the perfect shade for a pout perfect selfie.

The packaging states that it has a high impact color with rich moisture which provides good hydration. It goes on to say that it delivers a pop of high-dose color. It comes with a subtle scent of Rose and Community Marula oil. You’ll want one in every shade they claim. Let us see if the claim holds true. Read below for my experience and my final verdict on this lipstick.


  • Shelf Life : 2 years
  • Color : Pink/Fushia and Light red
  • Fragrance : Rose and Community trade Marula oil


It comes in a finger sized bullet like any other lipstick with a transparent lid and black colored label wrap.

How to apply

Apply on to lips straight from the bullet or with using a Concealer Brush.

My Experience

When it comes to shades of lipstick, I tend to be very picky. Why? Because all shades do not suit my skin tone. However, when it comes to shades of pink, I am very open. Why? Coz pink is almost a neutral color and it suits everyone. Don’t you think so? What do I look for in a lipstick? I prefer ones which keep my lips highly moisturized and yet bright enough to ensure my lips are visible throughout the day. I stumbled upon this shade at The Body Shop store.

How could I have missed this at the store? The color was so beautiful. The perfect blend of pink and magenta just makes me look beautiful. I love this shade because it suits my skin well and yet bright enough during the day. The bonus is it is highly moisturizing and hydrating. And how can I forget the pigmentation which is excellent. I love the way the color remains on the lips for a really really long time. So Would I suggest this? Hell Yes! The product is worth it.

THE BODY SHOP Color Crush Lipstick Review - Berlin Oleander

Best time to apply

When you want a bright and cheerful look, any time of the day.


  1. The color pigmentation is great
  2. The packaging is good
  3. User friendly
  4. Not harsh to skin and deep moisturizer
  5. Suits all skin tones
  6. Long lasting
  7. Smooth finish


  1. A little over the budget for a lipstick

Final Verdict

  • A good pink lipstick which is bright and very moisturizing.
  • Our Ratings : 9/10
  • Price : INR 995/ 3.3 g

Where to Buy

Online or Offline Retail stores.

Hope you enjoyed reading THE BODY SHOP Color Crush Lipstick Review. Read more posts on Facial care here.

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