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The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist Review – Beautiful Perfume

The brand “The Body Shop” is loved by many people due to some of their amazing products. I am sure you either already have one product from the body shop or are planning to get one. I was lucky enough to get the vanilla body mist from the body shop as a gift. The Body Shop’s Perfume is said to be warm and inviting. It’s fragrance is like a sweet vanilla essence, which is said to be irresistible. The packaging states that it is very light, fresh and the aroma is amazing. After having used it for quite some time, let me share my experience with you. Here is The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist Review

THE BODY SHOP Vanilla Body Mist Review


  • Shelf Life : 3 years
  • Color : Clear
  • Fragrance : Soothing vanilla essence

My Experience

This was a dear gift from a dear friend. I was a bit concerned of using it directly on my skin since I am sensitive to alcohol-based perfumes and body sprays. But conveniently, this product not only smells great but is also gentle on skin.

When sprayed, the fragrance remains for around 8 hours. Luckily, it does not give a headache. Vanilla is my favourite icecream flavour and very few brands have taken this to the next level, that is, perfume. I like this product as it is has a pleasant fragrance which helps me stay fresh and unique all day.

How to use The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist?

Spray onto your neck and your pulse points and let the magic happen.

When is the best time to use The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist?

Anytime you want to smell amazing and want to feel calm.


It comes in a glass cylinder bottle with a spray tap attached to it.

Pros & Cons of The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist?


  • Great Fragrance mist
  • Lasting vanilla scent
  • Light & Fresh Aroma
  • Soothing Vanilla essence


  •  If you don’t like the fragrance of Vanilla, then, this will be a Con.

Final Verdict

  • A light perfume of vanilla fragrance which is refreshing for the day.
  • Our Ratings : 9/10
  • Price : INR 1500

Where to Buy The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist?

Online or Offline Retail stores.

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