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LAKME Skin Natural Mousse Review – Rose Fair 02

Imagine being served a delicious and mouth-watering chocolate mousse, a dessert made of cream. What if I told you the same can be applied to your face? Sounds weird or tasty? Wait a minute; I was talking about the LAKME ABSOLUT Skin Natural Mousse which is a face cream that acts as a foundation. Read more on LAKME Skin Natural Mousse Review.

LAKME Skin Natural Mousse claims that it provides a feather-light finish. It can easily absorb into the skin, hide pores & even out skin tones. The SPF 8 formula in the product is said to protect the skin from sun damage along with leaving the skin soft and flawless for 16 hours. Read further to know my experience with the product and my final verdict and to know whether its claims stand true!


  • Shelf Life : 2 years
  • Color : Mud brown
  • Fragrance : Tinge of lemon and orange


It comes in the shape of a golf ball but made of metal. The ball is black in color on top and silver black on the bottom. It has a turn-around lid and the mousse is within the bottom part, with a lid to prevent it from drying. The ball of mousse is packed within a paper box and label wrap.

How to apply

Just take a little on your ring finger and dab it all around your face and blend it evenly.

My Experience

I was always on the lookout for a foundation that can cover all pores and doesn’t dry up too quickly but at the same time also give a natural look. Soon after, I came across this LAKME Skin Natural Mousse. The packaging itself is so attractive and that was one of the reasons I purchased this product. I mean who doesn’t love a cute box that looks like a scoop of ice- cream.

I am definitely not someone who uses make-up on a daily basis, but this cream just makes you want to apply it daily because it gives your skin a glowing flawless look. It blends well with your skin leaving all pores covered. I love that it is feather lite and also that it feels like you are having a bowl of cream. The aroma of this mousse is just lovely. It definitely gives a natural look and it is not easy to detect that you have make-up on and yet look flawless. It is best suited for oily skin types. Certainly, one of the best product of LAKME.

Best time to apply

Works best for both day and night after using a primer.


  1. A little is enough
  2. Travel friendly
  3. Great for everyday wear
  4. The product is lightweight
  5. Absolutely long-lasting


  1. Over priced
  2. Dries up within the box if unused
  3. No pump dispenser
  4. Not suitable for dry skin beauties

Final Verdict

  • A good mousse or foundation if you apply make up on a recurring basis.
  • Our Ratings: 9/10
  • Price: INR 825 for 25g

Hope you enjoyed reading LAKME Skin Natural Mousse Review. Check out more posts on Facial Care.

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