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Nykaa Glamoreyes Colour Eye Pencil Kajal Review

The golden hour is a natural phenomenon, and we crave to catch a glimpse of it, till it fades away. If that is so dramatic and you like it, I can guess you will love this product as well. Today we bring you the Nykaa Glamoreyes Colour Eye Pencil Kajal Review – Golden fleur shade.

It claims to give you dramatic, gorgeous eyes around the clock! Like the beautiful skies and the shimmer of the sunlight, this golden fleur has all the glitz and glam, you need for any day. So read this review before you miss the golden hour and I am sure you will want to shine too.


Shelflife: 1 year

Color: Golden shimmer

Texture: crayon

Fragrance: pungent

My experience:

Hey! Golden, golden, golden, as I open my eyes. Oh, you’re so golden, I don’t wanna be alone. Heard these lines recently? I am sure most have. Certainly, this eye pencil in golden color will get you all the glam and a shout-out like the lyrics of that song too.

Sometimes a little sparkle is good, so I tried this golden eye pencil, and My god, what an excellent color. It is absolutely bright, and very visible and surely will get everyone saying Wow! I like it for the shimmer and how vibrant it looks on application. Although on the lower eye, it causes a little irritation, it does look good.

But don’t apply too much, it kind of gives a gothic finish when applied more, on the upper eye it’s just perfect for any type of eye makeup you want to flaunt.

I like this product and I use it for every party night. It’s simple and shiny without the need for applying more eye makeup. Simply apply this and you’re good to the grove.

To know the final verdict, roll your eyes below.

How to use Nykaa Glamoreyes Colour Eye Pencil?

This eye pencil is a typical kajal, neatly packed and easy to handle. Simply glide the eye pencil on your upper eyelid and extend it for those cat eyes or the winged eyeliner. Add a little extra for more shimmer.

If you are using it on your lower eye, then apply very little because the color is bright and can cause irritation sometimes. The color also spreads a little but that just adds a little more glitter below your eyes making it look glam.

When to use Nykaa Glamoreyes Colour Eye Pencil?

Golden shimmer on your eyes; darling just wear it to look glam and golden. Use it on that little black dress, on that ethnic sari, or on you’re beachwear. This golden fleur can be used at any time to spread a little sparkle everywhere you go. So use it, now, today, tomorrow, and every day.


The eye pencil is packed within a paper box, having the brand name and color, and the lower base has the shade to identify. It contains the details and description. The crayon holder is golden in color with a black top. The crayon is edgy and well-designed for giving a smooth finish.

Indeed their packaging is petite and simple.

Pros and Cons of Nykaa Glamoreyes Colour Eye Pencil Kajal


  • High-impact colors- really good pigmentation
  • Satin Shine Finish
  • Smudge-proof and Fade-proof
  • Long-lasting
  • User and pocket friendly
  • Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested
  • Free of paraffin and preservatives
  • Free of animal-derived ingredients
Nykaa Glamoreyes Colour Eye Pencil Kajal Review 3


  • Availability is a concern
  • Sensitive to skin

Final verdict:

Forget all the dull days and add some glam with the Nykaa glamor eye color eye kajal pencil.

“Smile, Sparkle, and Shine on.”

Where to buy:

Available only In India on Nykaa online and their flagship stores.

Hope you enjoyed reading Nykaa Glamoreyes Colour Eye Pencil Kajal Review. Read more posts on Body Care here, Facial Care here & Hair Care here.

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