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Health & Glow Lemon Shower Gel Review

The aroma of lemon is so satisfying. It refreshes our minds, doesn’t it? Although not everyone may like it, you all will love this lemonade for sure. Health & Glow Lemon Shower Gel is not as fizzy and cold as your lemonade, but it is frothy and refreshing. Well, it’s not edible but definitely laudable.

Health & Glow Lemon Shower Gel Review

The health and glow shower gel is a simple and value-for-money product. If you prefer shower gel over soap then I think you must give this a read and decide for yourself.


Shelf life: 2 years

Color: Light lemon yellow

Texture: Liquid soap

Fragrance: Lemon

Price: Rs 299 ( 300 ml)

My experience:

Health and Glow Lemon Shower Gel Review

The shower gel I was using regularly was almost empty and I wasn’t able to restock it because of its unavailability. I of course could use a bar of soap, but I needed a shower gel too. So I went to the mall one day and found that Health & glow had a sale on all their products, so I went to check on what was available. My first preference is a shower gel. I saw a row of shower gel products and grabbed my hands on them. The lemon-green color was so appealing that I picked it first. The price was quite budget friendly and I was happy with that purchase.

The experience of using it was like any other shower gel. However, using it with a loofah makes all the difference. I first poured it on my palm, but it didn’t form any lather and was disappointing. I then poured it on a loofah and vow! the aroma was so refreshing and it formed a nice foam and felt good to use. The shower gel didn’t cause any dryness or skin rashes, it left skin hydrated and nourished and of course, removed the dirt.

I like this product for its aroma, it feels fruity and fresh, forms a really good lather, and is definitely a value-for-money product.

How to use Health & Glow Lemon Shower Gel

If you use a shower gel regularly instead of a bar soap, then the usage of this product is also like any other. Pour a good amount of liquid shower gel on a loofah if you are using one, and lather it a little till it foams up. Then apply it all over your body and enjoy your shower. Remember to rinse off.

This product doesn’t form foam if you are using your palms so it is best used with a loofah, or simply take a bubble bath if you have the luxury of using a bathtub. If you don’t have one, then pour the sower gel under running water and fill your bucket with it.

When to use Health & Glow Lemon Shower Gel

Use a shower gel to get rid of dirty, dry skin for a refreshing day. The citrus lemon aroma is very subtle and the soap is lightweight and more liquid, unlike other body wash which has a little thicker texture.

Packaging of Health and Glow Lemon Shower Gel

It’s like any other shower gel, packed in a circular bottle with a press-on cap. The labels are stuck on the outer bottle and have all data. It’s quite cute and washroom friendly. It is a recyclable bottle so there is no harm to the environment.

Pros & Cons of Health & Glow Lemon Shower Gel


  • Easy to use
  • Lathe or foams well
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple packaging
  • Light aroma
  • Quantity is good
  • Paraben free


  • It cannot be used without a loofah.
  • Availability is a concern

Final verdict on Health and Glow Lemon Shower Gel

A simple product, for daily use. It is also good for its cost.

Where to buy Health and Glow Lemon Shower Gel

Available on the official health& glow website and at their stores.

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