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Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Fine Fragrance Mist Review

Love at first mist? It is possible! At least that is what this product states. Owning The Bath and body works products is considered a luxury. It needs no introduction as everyone knows this product range is so hyped about and is among the leading brands in self-care cosmetic products. Today we bring you the Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Fine Fragrance Mist Review.

The product states:- Our fine fragrance mists are the absolute best way to keep the scent going all day, every day. Plus, the fragrances are oh-so-glorious that you’ll want to take a bottle with your everywhere. Welcome any season into your life anytime with a spicy spray.


Shelflife:3 years

Color: Rose pink

Texture: Water like

Fragrance: strong peppermint

My experience with the Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Fragrance Mist

The experience of using this mist is definitely memorable for me. Hear it out; My sister and I always heard about this product range and we wanted to grab our hands on this brand. When it was available on amazon India she couldn’t resist. Her cart was full and the feeling of buying this product was happiness overloaded. We got the product and my sister used this mist one morning while grooming herself to head to work.

I just barged into her room to call her for some coffee time, and all I experienced was the aroma of peppermint hitting me on my nose. It was so strong and sweet. I immediately asked her did you drop perfume? or what is this aroma of.? She laughed at me and said, “babe it’s the bath and body works peppermint mist”. I replied, vow! that’s pretty strong to keep your aura highlighted. She winked at me and left to work.

The entire room still had the aroma in the air and felt like a sweet candy shop. It was really overwhelming and strong, however, the aroma fades and becomes lighter over time. But a first-time user can definitely get a headache. So use this product wisely. The product claims; a cool misting always feels refreshing and yes my friends it’s super refreshing. I just love how the fragrance stays for a long period and doesn’t have air, unlike other mists. It’s beautiful and sweet.

My sibling and I use this mist when we both need a sugar rush and energy to work the entire day. This mist is to make a boring winter or monsoon day a little sweet and spicy.

If you want to own one too, check out this product and have a Happy spritzing Day!

How to use Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Mist?

Open the cap, and spray the fragrance on your neck or your hand and you’re good to go.

When to use Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Mist?

When it’s a gloomy day, and you need to stay awake and fresh then this mist is definitely going to help you kick-start the day. However, you can use it whenever you like. If you love the overpowering fragrance of peppermint.


The mist is pink in color in a transparent bottle with a perfect nozzle for spritzing. The labels and details are pretty and cover the bottle neatly.

Pros & Cons of Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Fine Fragrance Mist


  • Good packaging
  • Refreshing aroma
  • Perfect for winters for a warm aroma


  • A really strong smell can give a headache.
  • Availability is a concern
  • A little expensive

Final verdict:

This is the only Peppermint spray I’d not use for self-defense but for self-love. It’s overwhelming and refreshing when you have a dull day. I’d not suggest it for regular use because it’s powerful and sweet.

Where to buy Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Mist?

Available on the official Bath and body works website and on amazon.

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