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Makeup Must Haves for Winter

The most beautiful experience of winter is snowfall and as a young girl I have always wanted my cheeks to feel like snow, just so soft and smooth. Alas, it took a lot of time and hard work to maintain the skin routine and get the natural glow for me. The Winter season is beautiful; however, it can sometimes be harsh on our skin. So today, I bring you Makeup Must Haves for Winter.

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Many of us have a difficult task in applying makeup and knowing what is the correct makeup for the skin. With an ensemble of products available in the market, it is even more difficult to pick the right one. Wait a minute! that’s not gonna stop us from wearing makeup, isn’t it?. I am here to share with you the best winter makeup essentials.

Subtle, soft, smooth skin is what every woman craves. How to show up in the winter season? Well, just have these essentials with you and you will definitely love the make-up routine in the chilly season too.

More Moisturizer

The prime cause of dull, flaky, and dry skin, is lack of hydration. What do you do then? Simple, moisturize. Remember the base for any good makeup is the moisturizer. Pick a moisturizer that will last longer and give you the correct texture and hydration for your skin. The winter weather could be chilly outdoors and hot and dry indoors so wear a moisturizer that will suffice both extremes and moisturize from forehead to neck, so your skin will stay hydrated.

Friendly foundation

As we all know, foundation changes the whole game of makeup. Always choose the right shade for your skin tone, use one that enhances your natural look. Choose something that’s darker or lighter than your skin tone to avoid making you look odd, or make it obvious that you are wearing makeup, at the end of the day, it should reflect a natural glow.

The winter weather already makes our skin feel dry and flaky, and adding foundation is a big task. This winter, stick to liquid foundation, because they are smooth in texture and easy to apply, it is less flaky and patchy and is also lightweight, it will definitely help you accentuate your makeup. Cause we don’t need chappy skin, or make-up sticking on our clothes. Have you taken notes yet?.

Blush with BB/ CC Cream

To those who are new to makeup and are hesitant to apply foundation, the cosmetic revolution has given us a BB or CC cream. A BB cream is a beauty balm or blemish balm. It serves as a multi-purpose cream and is best used for the “no makeup” makeup look. A CC cream however is a color control or complexion control cream. It removes dullness and dark spots, These are definitely essential cause they save your time and are a go-to makeup product on any boring when you have no mood to apply foundation. These are also pocket-friendly and I am sure most women have these and use them regularly.

Endearing Eyeshadow  

How about a little drama this winter season? Sounds fun right? Well, I am talking about adding some drama just like the starry winter night sky. The twinkling stars and the twilight sky are always so fascinating; well you can shine bright too just by adding a little shimmer on your eyelids.

You play with colors cause the winter season is all white and pretty. So add some sparkle with shimmer eye shadow and you’d definitely make anyone want to grab your attention. But don’t try fancy rainbow colors! It’s a big NO NO!Keep it shimmer and simple and for the lower eyelids add kohl. If you want to skip the eye shadow then simply use the shimmer eyeliner and try a winged or a kitten eye this season. Because it is #trending 😉

Loyal lipstick

The most loyal makeup product for me is lipstick. It’s the only product that will change your personality. It is loyal because; whether you apply make-up or not, lipstick is mandatory. Well, the winter doesn’t spare anyone from chapped lips. So applying lipsticks could be hard.

What’s the best thing to do? apply a balm before wearing lipstick. It not only protects your lips but also hydrates and adds texture to your lipstick. If you’re using gloss lipstick then there isn’t a need to apply a balm.

To the ones who are new to lipsticks, you can always experiment with colors, but remember to wear something that makes you feel happy and gives you confidence in your personality. Try shades of pink, fuchsia, maroon, brown to the ones who are new to lipsticks, or are unsure of what suits you best. Otherwise, keep the temperatures warm with the hot red. Uff winters are so “chilly”!

Natural nails

I know; I know, you must be wondering why even nails in winter? Cause our palms will be covered in gloves or within pockets. But don’t you need to be hands-free sometimes? Well, winter and nails paint is definitely essential. Because when you greet someone or simply do your daily task bare-handed your nails are noticed. So flaunt them in winter too by adding some pop colors like blue, pink, green but ditch the neon. Or keep your nails natural with nude shades or a french manicure.

Dear winter, stop being so romantic? Cause we all looking for a companion more friendly, endearing, and loyal. Let your cheeks naturally blush this winter. I hope you look forward to more of our posts from The Petite Reviews.

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