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Makeup and Fashion Guide for February, the month of Love – paint it Red

“Love is always in the air”. Whether you believe it or not, it is true. February is always known for it’s pleasant winters and more importantly, it is the season of love. Love is symbolized with the color red. So let’s celebrate this season of love, by glazing our fashion with everything red. Here is Makeup and Fashion Guide for February, the month of Love – paint it Red.

February is also considered the American Heart month. Everyone across the country wears the color red in order to raise awareness to eradicate heart diseases and stroke in millions of woman all over the nation. So why should only Americans raise awareness on this, let us all celebrate this month of February and spread love to all.

The color red is essential in everyone’s wardrobe, although red could sometimes be bold and bright, I am sure everyone wants to look as hot as Rihanna in red. Get ready to get dipped in red.

Let us begin with the Makeup and Fashion Guide for February.

Make up and the color Red

Make-up plays a major role in our appearance, and playing with the color red could either be drop dead gorgeous or dangerous. When it’s February add some red to your makeup. The basic make-up essentials in red which each of you must have are A blush, eye shadow, a lipstick. All women love wearing red, so grab yours after reading this blog.

1. Blush

A blush is a subtle powder or matte-like cream, which is applied to highlight your cheeks when you be crushing and blushing on someone in the romantic winter season of February. Apply a little bit of blush and never overdo it, or you’d end up looking like someone slapped you. Simply keep ” blush” -ing.

2. Eye shadows

Who doesn’t want those pretty and starry eyes? All of us right? If you like to play with your eyes then add the shades of red, to your eye shadow palette. It not only enhances your eyes but it goes with any attire for the day or night.

3. Lipstick

Enough is said about the red lipstick. They say women wear it to look confident and bold and to entice someone. I mean who cares what others say? It’s either Red or nothing at all on the lips this season. The right amount of red is a choice you got to make; too much red on your lips would perhaps look like your lips are swollen, so keep it minimum yet bright. If you’re using the liquid finish, then, add very little, cause you can spread it easily. If you’re using a matte, then remember to line your lips so it looks fuller and neat. P.S. Rihanna has her lips naturally lined, so we can only imitate her by using a lip liner.

Stay sexy in red this season of Feb

Fashion, the clothes

The wardrobe staples in Red for the month of love are: A shirt, t-shirt, crop tops, a suit, a co-ord set, a dress, a jacket, shoes, stiletto’s, and the add-ons like scarves and hats.

1. Red Shirt

Woman and shirts always go hand in hand. Shirts look so stylish and it adds so much energy to your personality. A Red Shirt is a wardrobe staple, you can wear a short-sleeve or full sleeve as per your preference. For me, formals are always a class apart.


2. T-shirt & Croptops

A red T-shirt is everyone’s favorite, so simply wear them and style it up with denim or white pant or a skirt.

Crop tops; I know for a fact that most women crave to wear a crop top but also fear wearing them because they feel too much skin is revealed. But wait, crop tops come in many varieties, one is a t-shirt crop top, you have a stretch crop top, you also have a tube top crop top. If you still do not want to reveal your body, then you can style it with a shrug or a laced top and it’s definitely going to change yet elevate your look.

Skirt Crop Top
Crop top pant
Crop top

3. Suit, or a co-ordinated dress

We know the year 2021 had the color block suit in trend, and it is still trending. So get a color block suit in red, if you think it’s too much style it up with a white shirt and a red blazer with red pants. It’s a classic wardrobe essential worn by many celebrities and women across the globe. A co-ordinate set; is always in vogue, invest in one now and I am sure you will be so satisfied.

Co-ordinated Dress

4. Dress

Sparkly winter skies are magical, so are shimmer dresses. A dress is every woman’s favorite. A little dress in red just changes the way we appear. They are stunning and sparkling. If you are going on a date this season of love; wear a red dress, or shimmer red dress and many men will go down on their knees.


5. Jacket

Winter season is to stay warm and have fun under the night sky near a bonfire and some barbecue. However, remember the jacket is always your savior. A red jacket is going to stand out among the crowd, it could be a furry one or a leather jacket or a cape; just wear it and sway.

6. Footwear

Our feet are always taken for granted, although our entire body depends on how strong our feet are. So footwear is important. Wearing the right kind of footwear could be difficult, cause most of us want to wear stilettos or wedges. This season of red, love your feet too. Wear a red stiletto, nice wedge heel sandals, or red boots. I am sure you’re feet will appreciate you for giving it all the attention.

7. Hat, scarfs, hairbands

It was only in the UK that the queen would wear a hat and make a fashion statement. It’s from her that even to date, a hat forms a part of the apparel and not as a separate accessory. My dear readers grab a hat; a beret to a bucket or a beanie and you’re good to go.

8. Scarfs or hairbands

Scarfs are so simple to wear, they look so cool, you don’t even need jewelry when you have a scarf. Style up with a scarf. Hairbands also are super cute, you can wear a scarf as a hairband and try different hairstyles and look uber cool. Hairband simply makes your hair look perfect and shows off your beautiful face. So wear them now.

This February we all got to love ourselves a little more and maybe find new love too. I hope you all will love this blog too and fantasies about how ravishing you going to look.

Ooh aah, take the world and Paint it Red.

Model : Kirthana Ballal

Hope you enjoyed reading Makeup and Fashion Guide for February – the month of love! Read more posts on Body Care here, Facial Care here & Hair Care here.

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