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Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women

Stay vogue! this phrase is always #trending. It simply means staying fashionable. Fashion keeps changing with time so catching up with the trend is sometimes difficult; though not impossible. One can always play safe by sticking to the basics and not wanting a fashion faux pas. When one says winter is coming I always wonder what is the fuss about winter. Why do people always have a hard task in dressing up and showing up in winter? Most of them are unsure about what do we really wear and how many layers do we need to wear in order to stay warm and cozy. So, today I bring you Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women.

If we ask anyone what is fashion to them? the answer is, fashion is being comfortable in what we wear. But how do we know what’s the right thing to wear for every season? there’s only one solution which is ” remember the basics”.

If you are not a fashion trend follower or if you are someone who loves doing everything with the pajamas 24*7 then this article is to help you to be in the game of fashion. It is so simple and definitely, you will love it.

It’s the season of winter and all we got to do is stay warm! How? just follow these basic dress styles for this season.

Let us begin with Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women :-

Turtle Neck or Polo Neck T-shirt

One can never go wrong with this trend in winter. It’s a must-have in a wardrobe. Turtle neck T’s are usually made in woolen or sometimes cotton and it’s the best fashion statement one can make. You have a variety of shades to choose from, but if it’s difficult to make a choice then wear black, white, beige, or anything pastel. You can style them with a pair of white pants, or dark color pants and wear them with winter boots. Remember simple is sexy, so style it up with a dual-use stole, one that can be worn as neckwear and one as a stole, also you can wear glares to add oomph to the outfit. This look is for day or night or any event.

Denim or Leather pants

Dare to Denim! Dark denim or faded Denim for a roadster or flair denim is the go-to pair of trousers for winter. Denim skirts are a big yes this winter, so grab one now. Paired up with full sleeves T-shirt will get you jaw-dropping.

Denim is so comfortable and sexy and is here to stay forever. Leather pants! well, I feel wearing them makes you feel royal. It just changes your whole personality and makes you feel so warm and comfortable and definitely can be styled with any shirt or t-shirt.

Jackets and Joggers

Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women
Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women

The Winter wardrobe is simply wearing jackets. One good jacket is equal to several layers to keep you warm. Jackets can be anything from dark hues to pastels, denim, or neon. It can be asymmetrical or you can also wear a cape or a trench coat and look classy and stylish. One can also wear a classic woolen coat or simply a puffer coat. Ideally, a leather jacket or a coat is something we can’t live without in winter. You can style your denim skirt and top with a denim jacket and party all day. 2022 must-have is definitely a denim jacket. We hope you are enjoying reading Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women so far. Lets keep going.

Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women
Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women


Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women
Basic Winter Fashion Essentials for Women

Who doesn’t like a cute picture with hands on the pocket of your hoodie and feeling warm in winter.? all of us do. Invest in a hoodie if you want to wear them for every season, cause it is the most comfortable among all jackets.

I know it takes a lot of hard work to wear skin-fit pants or a pair of jeans. For most women, the go-to trouser is the Joggers or stretch pants. This winter ditches your stretch pants and wear a pair of comfortable joggers of the color of your choice and style it up with any T-shirt with a scarf and go for a walk or a brunch or even a casual evening. Joggers are certainly the most comfortable pants to wear simply because they keep you warm and look good on anyone too.


As a child, we all definitely have one photograph with a sweater and a beanie or a pom hat. I’m sure when we see it now we find ourselves damn cute! So why can’t you feel cute again? buy sweaters that fit you well, cause the most painful thing about wearing a sweater is the sleeves. Sweaters definitely keep you warm and are perhaps the most worn attire by several celebrities. You can pair it up with any trousers and it doesn’t need anything extra. One good sweater can make your day. But when it comes to choosing the right shades. Well, any shade is fine with sweaters, except the overly printed ones are a big “NO”.

Scarves, Stoles, Shawls

who said scarves are only for summer? The most stylish accessory is a scarf. You can wear anything from block colors to pastels, to floral, or anything in prints. They simply accentuate the style game and make you look stunning. they can be worn with both formals and casual wear which is definitely going to make the outfit look great. Of course, scarves can be worn in several ways; as a hairband or tie or bracelet or belt. So collect them and wear them, cause scarfs are a woman’s savior from all problems. if you don’t have a mask wear a scarf as a mask, if you don’t have a belt wear a scarf as a belt, if you don’t have a halter neck top wear a scarf over a t-shirt, wanna cover your shoulders wear a scarf. You name a problem with clothing the scarf will help you. So have a good scarf short one or a long one or a woolen shawl and you are good to go.

Hats & Tech gloves

Like I stated above a beanie was one of the cutest headgear we all wore when young. Till today it’s still worn and will definitely last till eternity. So wear your hats and beanies or pom hat. and take those cute selfies and sun-kissed pictures and make it Instagram-worthy. When it comes to gloves, I am pretty sure not many prefer wearing them, but the most stylish among all is the tech gloves, they fit so well and make your work easier too. Woolen gloves can also be worn to keep you warm, generally, not many fancy wearing gloves but you can wear them to save you from cold, cause your jacket or trouser pockets could save your palms.

Shoes or Boots

In winter one definitely wants to feel the snow-filled ground or the iced lakes or go skiing, or skating or sledding, or any winter sport. If only we humans could bear the extreme cold. I am sure we would prefer being barefoot. But why were shoes and boots even made? well to save your feet from damage. The right pair of winter boots is a wardrobe must-have. Always invest in a good pair of winter boots, cause you do not want to be turning red with an uncomfortable pair of boots. Boots on a woman always look gorgeous. It is said the first thing someone notices is your feet. So wear comfortable boots, either ankle length or knee length depending on your outfit, and walk in the snow-filled paths with ease.

When you wear shoes in winter remember to sock them up. A pair of socks not only looks neat but also prevents your feet from dirt, and dryness caused by the weather. Socks are available in so many styles and so many prints so choose what you like. Is it still in doubt? then wear nudes or simply black, white, and beige or pastels.

So shoo away the winter worry with the right pair of ” shoes”. Remember shoes could be either sports or canvass or loafers or slipovers. But wear the waterproof or water resistant ones for the winters. you can also wear wedges for winter cause they are pretty much more comfortable than wearing heels in winter.


I hope this winter you are happy to change your fashion game and look glam! With these basic winter wardrobe essentials I assure you, you can’t go wrong with it. I am sure you’re going to be smiling after trying to wear them and being content and comfortable with the simple styling.

Catch you up with another blog on winter makeup and a whole lot more before the season ends.

Model : Greeshma Rau

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