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Basic Must Have Winter Essentials for Men

To all the men out there, do you all follow fashion trends? I would be elated if the answer is Yes! The ones who aren’t but are still looking for style inspiration, we got you covered. I’d strongly disagree with the statement “Men have fewer choices to style themselves”. Although the availability of shades of apparel is limited it is definitely stapled and stylish. The Petite Reviews Blog is here to help you with the Basic Must Have Winter Essentials for Men.

“Less is always more”


Whether you follow the fashion trends or even if you aren’t in the game of fashion, these basic fashion cues will help you rock every occasion everyday. Let us begin with Basic Must Have Winter Essentials for Men!

Leather jacket or wool blazer

Leather jackets are always associated with men. This piece of clothing is a classic. It is nicknamed the “Rocky” jacket. Get the classic and raw look of Sylvester stallion or the Tom Holland-inspired look for the millennials; invest in a good leather jacket and style it up with any attire. I assure you, you’d love to wear it for all seasons.

Leather Jacket

Winter and woolen wear goes hand in hand and I am not wrong if I say my grandma’s knitted the best woolen clothes when I was young. It’s never gone and will never be going out of fashion. But have you heard of the Wool blazer? If not, believe that this one attire can make you look sophisticated and is a go-to casual wear for the winter. Feel warm with a wool blazer.

Wool suit

They say Men always slay the formal look. I admit it’s true. Suits were crafted just for men. A wool suit is a must-have simply because it’s vibrant and vogue. You can style it up with a well-fitted formal shirt and a tie or a T-shirt. once you wear it you’re definitely going to get several jaw-droppers.

Black jeans

Black is black! but how much black is too much black? This question can never be answered. Cause one cannot get enough of the black. A wardrobe staple is always a pair of black jeans. By sticking to the basics one can never go wrong with this one. Pair it up with a zip sweater, a scarf, or a T-shirt and you can wear it for the oh-so-cool days or evenings.

Zip up sweater

“Sweater weather” for winter and “sweaty weather” for summers. A zip was made as a fastener for trousers initially, but with the fashion revolution today we have every attire with a zip. So when it comes to the warm winter days and you are as lazy as the winter wind and want to be cozy and comfy with a simple outfit. Then. the “zip-up sweater” is just for you. It doesn’t need anything extra just wear it over a T-shirt or shirt or wear it just like that. After reading this blog if you are wondering where are your sweaters then get them out of your trunk and wear them now.

Over-sized jumper, scarves, and gloves

Woke up late in the morning? don’t know what to wear to go to the store or to get food? Got to catch up on a friend ?. Evening walks? Hitting the gym? Going on a date? A night out with friends? The savior for every event of the day, “The jumper”. I am very sure it is the most favorite outfit among men. So don’t miss a jumper that is a go to for any event.

Oversized Jumpers

Scarfs – Is there anything cuter than a scarf. This simple piece of cloth is the best accessory to give a little color to your attire. The checkered woolen scarf or the pastel scarf will match any outfit. So grab one now.

Gloves – Are men obsessed with gloves? as much they are with shoes? I cannot predict the answer. For all, I know when it’s winter wear gloves to save yourself from freezing. You can wear tech gloves or basic leather gloves. The gloves will definitely add oomph to the “bad-ass” rider look or the “oh! so manly “look. Gloves are always a winter essential.

Turtle neck T-shirt

Dear men do you want to show off your jawline? but don’t know how? Well, the answer is here. It’s not contouring or make-up that you need instead you need a Turtle neck or polo neck T-shirt to enhance your jawline. This T-shirt is here to stay. Buy a Turtle neck T-shirt of any color if you cannot choose, then buy white, or black or black colors. Style them with a scarf or jackets and winter is going to be just as fun as any other season.

Basic Must Have Winter Essentials for Men
Turtle Neck T-Shirts / Sweaters & Boots

Boots and socks

Boots are considered supreme! they accentuate any outfit. So what are you waiting for dear men? Go get your pair of boots, and rock the winter days. don’t forget to keep your winter days warm by wearing a wool sock, choose from the pastels, or add a pop of color. because your feet need to be warm too.


I am sure you are taking the last sip from a cup of hot chocolate after reading this blog. Get ready to dress up and remember anyone can look awesome with the basic wardrobe-essentials. I hope you are checking out what’s in your wardrobe after reading this blog. The petite reviews will be back with another article soon.

Model : Flenil D’Souza

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