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Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

Cosmetics have been a part of civilization for centuries. History itself talks about cosmetics and the application of makeup from ancient civilizations across the Globe. Every epoch has been a revolution, but one thing known to mankind is decorating their skin. Today every individual can afford cosmetics and uses at least one or several cosmetic products to enhance their appearance. Todays article is Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions.

Makeup is for everyone. Skincare is genderless.

ankush bahuguna - Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

When was it learned that makeup is gender-neutral?

When was it learned that Makeup is for everyone? A decade ago? A fortnight ago? or is it still believed that makeup was created only for women?

How long has it been; since the stigma of men wearing makeup was never withdrawn and never accepted!

Most Beauty Brands these days are diverting to being Gender-Fluid and Gender Inclusive.

The past on Societies Gender stance.

As women, and growing in our young ages, we all have watched our mothers wear makeup. The cosmetics fascinated us to try them. We have wanted to and have surely applied that lipstick all over our face or apply all the color from the palette on our body.

When we grew a little more, most of us we always tried the same trick on our fathers and applied lipstick a lot of powder and tied a hairband on their hair. Of course, they considered it cute and funny and it was a moment to capture and remember.

But did anyone know that makeup is actually for men too? yes? no? I don’t know? I think society was always made to believe certain standards and if someone tried to change them, they were critical or they were shushed.

Most of us believed that the only grooming available for men was shaving kits or hair styling kits and nothing else. Men were never allowed to apply makeup as women do. If they tried they were laughed at. For the facts my friends, the men’s shaving range including the aftershave is not cosmetics, it’s part of hygiene.

A few years later; Men were introduced to hair gel, and that again forms part of hair styling and it has only been growing since then.

Do men apply makeup on Cinemas?

We know women wear makeup on sets. However, the world of cinema never showed us the true “colors” if men actually applied makeup, or was it just a whole lot of compact powder and some lipstick?

After a lot of research, I have learned and was convinced that yes!, men applied make up even though it is for the frame only.

Leading from the front, it was only on the silver screen or television or theater plays that men wore makeup, or on special occasions in a salon, but it was never common to wear it on a daily basis.

Oh yes, several artists wore face paint and makeup, but that was all for the performance to portray a character in a play or any art form or dance form. Although it was accepted and people loved watching them, no one really understood or believed that Men could actually apply makeup on a normal day just like women.

Todays growing world with a change

Today I am so overwhelmed that society has evolved, the world of cosmetics has evolved, media houses have evolved and the stereotype of cosmetics are “only for women” has been changed and adapted to saying that cosmetics are for “everyone”. 

Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

When did makeup become gender-neutral?

The influence of makeup

The answer to the question is It was only a decade ago. Today we all have witnessed and accepted several male professional Make up artists, and several influencers who talk, walk and wear makeup.

For a long period besides women, it was considered that only transgenders or drag queens apply makeup, but they were always hidden and never in the limelight because society was still not ready for it and only a few were known or famous.

Few examples of the past expressing gender-neutrality

However, when rock singers or performers amid the male counterparts wore kohl on their eyes it was rage and became a style statement.

I also remember when WWE was aired most wrestlers wore kohl or face paint to represent their toughness and it was trending.

However, what caught the “eye” and became world-famous was when The Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp, a.k.a. Jack sparrow, applied kohl in the movie and for the promotions of the same; that’s when people admired, accepted; and make up for men began to be considered normal.

Current scenario of makeup across all genders

In today’s world of social media, we witnessed the guyliner, mascara, nail paints, contouring and so much more exclusively for men created by men. What started with applying kohl for men; I see today men wearing the winged liner better than most women. You talk about lipstick they wear them with grace. Contouring! my god they do it with so much precision and their jawline is just incredible. The influence of makeup has stroked across the globe and many men are using it on a regular basis; which is, absolutely brilliant and brave.

With the advent of YouTube and social media, a number of influencers have helped and inspired a lot of men to accept that even you can look suave and you can appear the way you want by highlighting your looks with makeup on.

I can think of the One Direction star singer Harry Edward Styles right now and his photo shoot with full makeup; according to “beauty papers” the inspiration for this shoot comes from, the lack of individuality in the world right now.

The next best I can think of is about the only army today’s generation know and is so influenced and has broken several records and has a worldwide fan base, which is The BTS the K-pop band.; they are so flawless with their graphic eye makeup.

There are so many more people to take inspiration from, for men adorning makeup. I genuinely accept that they all make a “statement “remark with their sense of makeup every day.

Do you prefer to be called “him or her?”. “Either one’s cool, I’m Gender fluid”.

What does it mean to be Gender fluid?

A common phrase used by people today. Does anyone really know the right use and meaning of this phrase? If not, let me tell you. It means denoting a person who does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender.

Cisgender vs Gender-fluid

Let’s define a few terms:

Cisgender means a person’s gender identity, matches the sex (female or male) designated on their original birth certificate.

So, Gender fluidity refers to changes over time in a person’s gender expression or gender identity or both. That change might be in expression, but not identity, or in identity, but not expression. Or both expression and identity might change together.

Ultimately, anyone who openly identifies as a gender-fluid is a gender-fluid person.

Often, the term is used to mean that a person’s gender expression or gender identity — essentially, their internal sense of self — changes frequently. But gender fluidity can look different for different people.

What are the Gender-neutral cosmetics out there in today’s growing world?

I am extremely elated about the presence today of a few cosmetic brands which have included gender-fluid makeup products making the lives of every gender simple. Everyone, including cis-women, cis men, transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and gender-fluid individuals, can be their customers and use their products. Today several ad campaigns include men for cosmetics and not just shaving creams or hair products.

I’d say that yes – all men, women, neuter gender – all of us and each of us are fundamentally legible to use cosmetics and wear makeup. It’s no more a taboo for men to wear makeup. I think they definitely own the art of Makeup and that they look absolutely stunning with makeup.

When it was announced that the One Direction star singer Harry Edward styles is going to have his own line of makeup brand, it was simply accepted and the makeup line was named “pleasing”. It was only recently that a few cosmetic brands came with gender-neutral makeup and made it easy for all genders to purchase it without hesitation.

Here’s a list of international makeup brands which are gender fluid:

  • Fenty Beauty
  • Byredo
  • Tood beauty
  • We are Fluide
  • Milk make up
  • Aesop
  • Morphe

Isn’t it amazing and satisfactory that cosmetics can be worn by all. I think the level of competition to look gorgeous is no more about women vs women, but additionally also between men vs men and women vs men too. I guess we all must be ready to keep growing and keep learning and staying competitive because the influence of makeup is spread like wildfire.

Famous Beauty & Makeup influencers

I don’t know how many of you follow influencers across the globe. But there are a few who have earned and owned their individuality and have shown what it means about Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

To name a few International male influencers:

The first” male cover girl” named James Charles who started as a teen makeup artist is an American makeup artist and beauty Youtuber and is considered the epitome of a male beauty influencer.

james charles - Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions
james charles for covergirl - - Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

Bretman Rock, this Filipino -American beauty and social media influencer has bagged the ” Beauty Influencer of theYear award in 2019.

Manny Gutirrez: The first male brand ambassador for Maybelline and founder of a makeup brand named Lunar beauty.

manny gutervez - Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

To name a few Indian male influencers 

Ankush Bahuguna– Is a Delhi-based male beauty influencer and has a page on his Instagram handle named “wingitwithankush”, He was one of the first to introduce male makeup and beauty to the Indian audience.

ankush bahuguna - Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

Deep Pathare- is all vibrant colors he was named “upcoming male beauty influencer” by cosmopolitan India in 2020.

deep pathare - Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

Shantanu Dhope -is another famous influencer and stylist for his gorgeous makeup looks full of color.

shanthanu dhope - Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

Of course, there are many more influencers and personalities who are creating an impact and are definitely making a difference in society. I believe each individual is inspiration alone and none is inferior to the other.

Concluding thoughts on Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions

My friends, I am sure after reading and learning about gender fluidity and a whole lot of influence; It’s evident and it’s been spoken enough that makeup is not “only for women”, and it’s high time people stop saying to men that you’re a girl for wearing makeup because “Makeup is for all”.

Learn to live and let live.

Dear society, and my readers, next time you find anyone with makeup, don’t criticize but observe. Learn to accept everyone for their individuality and not for their gender, not for the way they portray themselves; but for whom they are. The only thing mankind needs today is to be accepted.

Hope you enjoyed reading Makeup for all Gender Identities and Expressions. Read more posts on Body Care here, Facial Care here & Hair Care here.

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