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Bobbi Brown Lipstick Crushed Lip Color Ruby Review

Have you always saved a small portion of your money to buy something you always wanted? OR have you always wished a particular product came to your country or city. ? I am sure most of you have the same feeling as me. I always had to ask a couple of my friends to get me some cosmetics while they flew down to India from The USA or UAE. Because we didn’t have the advantage of getting the famous luxury brands a few years ago here in India. Today’s article is all about Bobbi Brown Lipstick Crushed Lip Color Ruby. Read to know my experience.

However times change, and today thanks to various online shopping websites available in a swipe; making us all happy by getting our favorite products from across the globe. It is the best thing that ever happened to our generation.

I also had the habit of saving money from my earnings to buy my favorite product. So this time I saved for Bobbi Brown cosmetics; because I knew it was coming here to India.

Well, my experience felt like a wish fulfilled. If you want to know what it feels like to wear luxury cosmetics then continue to read.

Lived-in look & balm-like hydration

About the product:

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a global prestige beauty brand that empowers women to embrace and enhance their individual beauty. They state “Confidence beauty begins with you.” It is an exclusively priced line of beauty products developed by Bobbi Brown, a world-renowned makeup artist.

The product claims: We make makeup that enhances—not hides—your true beauty. The look of lipstick meets the feel of a balm for our most wearable lip yet. Loaded with crushed pigments and lip-loving ingredients like Vitamins E and C and beeswax.


Shelf life: Use Before 36 months from the manufacturing date

Colour: RUBY- a mid-tone ruby red

Fragrance: Light vanilla

Texture: Smooth cream

My Experience:

Wearing a Luxury cosmetic product gave me a celebrity feels. Here in India owning a Bobbi brown lipstick is considered a luxury. Sometimes it is good to pamper yourself, isn’t it?. I did just that. I was aware that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is now available in India, and I couldn’t resist not owning one.

I researched about their products and their availability and further went on to find their range of products. I came across this lipstick and purchased it.

It was the day of reveal; when the product arrived. The package was so cute and the lipstick was so tiny almost the size of my finger. I opened it and smelled it, the aroma was kind of light chocolate and vanilla.

The same evening I had a casual outing to attend; so ya why miss a chance, just wear the new lipstick. The shade was a mid-tone ruby red. On the first application, it’s light red; while I applied another layer it forms ruby or almost dark maroon. My skin tone is wheatish so this color lifted my appearance, and I really loved it. It is smooth, gives a shiny look to my lips and doesn’t make them look heavy and sticky, and definitely leaves my lips kissable.

That wasn’t all, I actually felt like a celebrity to be wearing a luxury cosmetic brand, and most of my peers complimented me for the lip color and how it simply changed the way I appear. I was elated and thanked myself for saving to buy a product that is so satisfying.

It hydrated my lips as well and has the perfect texture for lipstick. I think the Bobbi Brown’s Ruby swatch is really perfect. This product has always been my first choice if I want a shade of red and maroon for my lips.

Dear readers; If you are an ardent collector of lipsticks and love shades of red or maroon this shade is a must-try.

How to use Bobbi Brown Lipstick Crushed Lip Color Ruby?

Just swipe, love, and go. One swipe delivers a blotted-down look. Layer two or three more swipes for a more intense color payoff.

When to use Bobbi Brown Lipstick Crushed Lip Color Ruby?

Each layer of this shade of lipstick makes it appear darker hence use it as per your liking for the perfect shade on your lips as per your mood. I’ll suggest you can use it anytime and anywhere.


This lipstick is packed in a square paper box in black with the labels and necessary data. It is a twist-up, with the color on the lid and black below.

Pros and Cons of Bobbi Brown Lipstick Crushed Lip Color Ruby


  • Good pigmentation
  • Smooth and creamy finish
  • Hydrates lips
  • suits all skin tones
  • Easy to apply
  • User friendly


  • A little expensive for a lipstick

Final Verdict

If you love luxury cosmetics then definitely own this one and you will appreciate yourself for buying it.

Where to buy it?

Available on the official website or on Amazon, Nykkaa

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