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Bobbi Brown Crimson Luxe Lip Color Review

Bobbi Brown Lipsticks are one of the most loved lipsticks all over the world. The color I recently purchased was Crimson. Today I will be writing on my experience with Bobbi Brown Crimson Luxe Lip Color.

Bobbi Brown Crimson Luxe Lip Color Review
Bobbi Brown Crimson Luxe Lip Color Review

Important Details

Shelf Life: Not mentioned. (Generally, a lipstick can last from 12 months to 18 months)

Color: Dark Maroonish Red

Fragrance: Fruity Smell

Active Ingredients: 

Packaging: Small black cardboard box inside which resides the golden shiny lipstick container. (Very attractive)

How to Apply Bobbi Brown Crimson Lip Color

Twist the lipsticks container and lightly run the lipstick over your lips along the margins till you get an even color. Purse your lips together for a better finish.

My Experience with Bobbi Brown Crimson Lip Color

I love lipsticks and I keep adding new ones to my collection every now and then. When I had a look at this lipstick, I instantly fell in love with the shade. Darker shades are my weakness. I think they enhance my skin tone. So, after wearing this lipstick multiple times now, I can tell you that it keeps my lips moist longer. It also doesn’t let them dry, which is great because dry chappy lips after putting on some lipstick isn’t a great feeling. Coming on to the color, it is a dark shade, between dark red/ maroon and wine. I like applying it when I wear light-colored clothes and even when dressing for a party. 

The only drawback was, like many other lip colors, it doesn’t last very long, and leaves stains on the glasses of your drinks. So you might have to keep re-applying. You can also apply a bit of powder on your lips after applying it (Life – Hack!).

Best time to apply Bobbi Brown Crimson Luxe Lip Color

Isn’t anytime the best time to apply a good lip color?

Pros and Cons of Bobbi Brown Crimson Luxe Lip Color


1) Easy to apply        

2) Keeps lips moisturized   

3) Shade is really good


The Color is doe not last long

Final Thoughts: 

An amazing lip color that goes with almost everything.

Our Ratings: 8/10

Price: £19.99 for 13 OZ/ 3.8 g

Where to Buy: 

You can find this product at most makeup stores, eg The Cosmetic Store and Debenhams.

About the Author

 Dr. Anushtha Jain

A twenty-something girl, who works as a dentist and loves to try new things! Her weakness is food which has turned into a passion through the world of blogging and thus, likes to be called The Hunger Queen!

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