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How I do my makeup in the summer? – Tips and Tricks

When I walk and the hot mercury is at its highest peak in the afternoon, I wish we were blessed with a cool breeze and shade. One major problem in summer is sweat. We all wish we didn’t sweat. Do not worry, if you are asking How to do makeup in the summer, then we got you covered. Today, I am going to cover my makeup styling in summer with “How I do my makeup in the summer? – Tips and Tricks”

I just remembered that I had to go meet my best friend but it is a very hot sunny day. I am contemplating if I should step out. I will perhaps decide soon, lest my friend disown me. You know the only savior this summer apart from wearing breathable clothes is minimal make-up which will allows our skin to breathe too comfortably.

Summer is in the Air


Most women with oily skin hate summer because the humidity makes it more difficult. In fact, in summers the biggest challenge is to wear the right makeup. Even people with combination skin or dry skin have the issue of makeup fading away in summer and having to do touch-ups quite often.

It’s a myth to say that summer and make-up don’t go along well. For me Summer is the time to experiment with make-up. You all should definitely add a lot of glam and color to your makeup. My girls, who doesn’t like, looking like a goddess?

I am almost ready with my outfit and it’s time to apply my make-up. I actually love my natural skin and for me, it’s always minimal makeup. Today I shall tell you what’s cooking this summer in the world of makeup. Switch on your coolers and get reading to know the must to dos for your skin and make up this summer.

1. Start with a Sunscreen and Moisturizer

At the top of my makeup list is Sunscreen. This is not a cosmetic product that you use one day and stop another. It has to be used on a daily basis depending on your skin tone and your lifestyle. This habit can help you keep your skin stay young.

If your work is concerned about going to the field or outdoors, or sitting in a chamber and looking at the screen then use it based on your work life. Sunscreen come before a moisturizer and form the base of any makeup.

Sunscreen is applied to prevent harmful UV rays from burning your sensitive skin. While you choose a sunscreen remember; to select one which not only lasts longer but also has SPF 30 and above and which will absorb well to your skin. The purpose of sunscreen is to protect your skin so buy one which does justice to it. Some sunscreens also act as a moisturizer so simply apply them. Always remember in the melting weather ,you have to keep your skin hydrated and safe.

2. Move on with Primer and Foundation

This summer you can attempt the “no make-up” makeup look, or you can go all shimmer and bright and play with colors. Cause summer is vibrant and you can look hot too just like the temperature. It may sound sexist to some, but I think women are absolutely hot. I mean who would deny this compliment?

Every makeup starts with applying foundation post a primer. I have stated several times in my other articles that always select a foundation based on your skin tone. It will do justice to your makeup; because you wouldn’t want to appear obvious that you applied makeup.

Too much is always bad when it comes to foundation. So apply foundation and spread it evenly from forehead to neck, remember you can use a matte finish in summer than the liquid foundation; if you still like a liquid foundation for its benefits, then use it within limits.

3. Let your eyes shine with some Eye Shadows

My favorite part of makeup is accentuating my eyes. This can be a tedious task because we all want winged eyeliner and wings to fly too. The good news is that its summer and you can try any color on your eyes.

How to choose the right color of eye shadows in summer?

To begin with the eye shadow; Choose from a palette of bright colors, like blue, yellow, ombre, pink; or shimmer. It’s trending and also it adds so much style to your look. I am sure not many are for eye shadows; I got you covered too.

You can try plenty of eyeliners; The hot-selling ones are white, neon, and shimmer. These simply make you stand out and you don’t need anything more. The neon eyeliner goes well with any outfit and adds some glam with shimmer too.

For the lower eyes, you can wear black, brown, or blue. To the ones who like pop style, then you can add some neon shade in the inner eye or add some pretty shining sticker stones below your lower eyes. they look amazing.

I am almost done with my eye makeup, removing the extras, and keeping it neat.

Pro-tip – use a long-lasting eyeliner, preferred matte finish, or you can use an eye pencil too so it doesn’t smudge when you wipe off sweat.

4. Blush and highlight your jawline

For highlighting your cheeks or cheekbones, you can always use a blush. If you don’t have a blush then use your eye shadow as one. This can be tricky so if you are not ready for it then don’t try it. But if you still wanna add some blush and simply take your eye shadow and smile from end to end and apply a light stroke and spread it across your cheeks. it looks elegant and soo pretty. Go shimmer this summer for your blush.

The brighter the lips the brighter the smile!

5. Let’s not miss out some lipstick

Passionate pink, maroon, or pop colors are a hot trend but they are incomplete without lipstick. Be unbothered about your skin tone this season, cause you should have all the fun. So try bright colors like fuchsia, and mauve, or stick to pastel colors like nudes, beige or the safest pink, maroon or brown.

Of course, the mother of all lipsticks is red. Well, I think I will skip red this time, but you can definitely use it cause you’re too glam to give a damn.

6. Let’s put the Finishing touches

Phew, that was a tough task; wiping away the sweat and now time for some powder and highlights. In summer the problem with applying powder is that it gets patchy or too sticky. But I was once suggested to just dust a little bit of compact powder and cover the makeup, neatly and it completes re the look.

I am almost done with my makeup and just checking if there is something I need more.

I think I am ready to go to apply the makeup spray to help it last longer and put on a happy face before I leave.


I hope you all beautiful people will like this blog and be at your best every season. If you have missed out on fashion for summer then refer to my blog and with the make-up styles revealed, I am very sure you will leave everyone stunned with your persona.

Hope you enjoyed reading How I do my makeup in the summer? – Tips and Tricks. Read more posts on Body Care here, Facial Care here & Hair Care here.

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  1. Self setting foundations ,translucent setting powders are great for summers and I agree with you on skipping the red lips 🙂

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