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THE BODY SHOP Atlast Mountain Rose Perfume Review

Are you a fervent fan of the valleys, the floral gardens and therefore the aroma of its freshly bloomed flowers? If you’re, then, this perfume is simply for you.  Just imagine that you are in a rose garden valley and feel the the soothing aroma around you there. Feels like Eden. Isn’t it? This is how I feel when I use THE BODY SHOP Atlast Mountain Rose Perfume. Imaginations can be a reality with a little sprinkle of this scent. Wonderful. Isn’t it?

The Body Shop Atlast Mountain Rose Perfume Review - Fragrance Mist Brume Perfumee

The Body Shop’s atlas mountain rose fragrance mist perfume subtly scents your body with an accord of blackcurrant buds and fresh Moroccan roses, a hint of spices and warm amber. Just so heavenly and contains essential oil from hand picked half bloomed roses from Moroccan dads valley. Scroll down the page to know more.


  • Shelf Life : 3 years
  • Color : Transparent / crystal water
  • Fragrance : Dewy, spicy, floral scent

My Experience

I always loved mild aromas especially a fragrance that’s just charming yet not too strong that it gives me a headache. I got my hands on this perfume at The Body Shop’s outlet and it was “love at first sight”. The aroma took me to wonderland if I can say in short.

Every morning, as I get ready for another hectic day, I use this mountain rose mist after my shower and I always am overwhelmed with its fragrance. It is beautiful and dewy and it makes me forget all my troibles for a minute. This fragrance simply makes you feel feminine and sexy and it lasts really long (almost for a full day). So, there isn’t a need to re-apply. This perfume is not harsh on the skin so people with all skin types can use it.

The best part is that it doesn’t evaporate soon and if you are someone who loves perfumes, then, I’m sure you would want to add this to your collection too.

How to use THE BODY SHOP Atlast Mountain Rose Perfume?

Open the cap and spray a little on your collar bone or on your chest.

When to use THE BODY SHOP Atlast Mountain Rose Perfume?

Post shower but never apply perfumes on your clothes. It’s always to be applied on skin.


Transparent round glass bottle with a dispenser and a black cap.

Pros & Cons of THE BODY SHOP Atlast Mountain Rose Perfume


1)    The fragrance is mild and charming.
2)    Last really long and is gentle on skin.
3)    Easy to use and doesn’t leak from the nozzle.
4)    Doesn’t evaporate.
5)    Quantity is worth it.


1)    It’s definitely pricey.
2)    The bottle is fragile.

Final Verdict

  • A really good perfume for self love. A very nice gift for your dear one’s too.
  • Our Ratings : 9/10
  • Price : INR 1195 / 100ml

Hope you enjoyed reading THE BODY SHOP Atlast Mountain Rose Perfume Review. Read more posts on BodyCare here.

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