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Bath and Body Works Gingham Moisturizing Body Wash Review (signature collection)

Bored? Take a shower. Date night? Take a shower. Self-pampering? Take a shower. But, make sure to use a good body wash when you do because it can make all the difference. Personally, for me, this product is undoubtedly the right one for any shower. So, here is Bath and Body Works Gingham Body Wash Review to help you make the right choice. 🙂

bath and body works gingham body wash review

The Bath & Body Works Moisturising Body Wash is a signature collection of this brand. The brand claims that it is a celebration of everything you love about bath and body works. The packaging states that it contains Blue freesia, white peach, fresh Clementine, and violet. It states that it is a clinically tested moisturizer. Read further to know more about this body wash and my personal experience with it.


Shelf Life : 3 years

Color : Milky white

Fragrance : Shea butter and peach

My Experience

I’m short of words to say anything about this wonderful product. If you are someone who likes long showers and loves beautifying your body then this body wash is just for you. I was always a miser when it came to investing in cosmetics and particularly bath products. But for once I just used my savings and invested in this product. I definitely have no regrets.

I personally feel that it is the best product one can get in the market when it comes to bath products. It’s refreshing, keeps your skin hydrated and deeply moisturized and the fragrance is just a big bliss. The aroma of shea butter and oil extracts makes it more beautiful and charming.  I’m in love with this product. I am sure once you try it, you will have the same great experience.

How to use Bath and Body Works Gingham Body Wash?

Take a generous amount on your palm or use a loofa as a scrub. Lather it up. Apply on your body.

When is the best time to use Bath and Body Works Gingham Body Wash?

When ever your skin feels dull and dry, use a moisturising body wash.


A large tube with a flip over cap and a labelled wrap.

Pros & Cons of Bath and Body Works Gingham Body Wash


  1. A classy product by Bath & Body Works.
  2. Moisturises for 24hrs.
  3. Doesn’t irritate skin and gives Instant hydration.
  4. The fragrance is excellent.
  5. The best product in the gingham range of Bath & Body Works.
  6. Makes you and your skin feel amazing.


  1. I can’t find any.
  2. Not economical but worth it.

Final Verdict

It’s exotic and is one of my favorite body moisturizer. I would recommend this for sure.

Our Ratings: 10/10

Price: INR 1399 for 295 ml

Where to Buy

Online or Offline Retail stores.

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