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PRIMARK Matte Lip Kit Review

I have always heard elders say, “Love your body first”. Having said that, I am sure not many of us are devoted to our bodies. We tend to try so many products on ourselves and each having its own results turn harsh to our skin. But here’s a product which I have devoted to my lips and it’s named Primark Matte Lip Kit – Lip Luxe Devotion. Here is PRIMARK Matte Lip Kit Review for your curious minds.

PRIMARK Matte Lip Kit Review

Product Description: The product states to Create your perfect lip look with these lip kits. This cruelty-free collection of lip kits comes with intensely pigmented colors, which means you can get a show-stopping finish with just one swipe.  Forget ‘a moment on the lips’, the liquid lipsticks have long-lasting formulas and super staying power. They go on to add that their Lip Luxe duos are a powerhouse pair. They recommend using the Lip Liner to shape and define your pout then fill in lips with the co-ordinating Matte Liquid Lipstick.” Read below to know my experience and also my final verdict on the product.


  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Color: Light maroon
  • Fragrance: Pungent

My Experience

It’s indeed a luxury to own this brand. The matte liquid lipstick is stunning. The finish is intense and long-lasting. The pigmentation is really good and I love this shade of light maroon and red as it suits my skin tone which is wheatish. This color best suits the bronze beauties and the wheatish skin. It blends naturally with the skin tone making it look flawless and feminine.

The lip liner helps in overlining the lips. Although it’s not very sharp and there’s wastage during sharpening. But the color and the matte finish is extremely beautiful. You need not worry anymore about constant touch-ups. You will love the non-drying matte lips with a weightless feel.

 Top Tip: Create the illusion of a plumper pout by drawing your lip line ever so slightly outside the natural edge of your lips, it’s what the pro’s call ‘over-lining’.

PRIMARK Matte Lip Kit Review

How to use Primark Matte Lip Kit?

Apply the liner for contouring your lips and to fill the center of your lips. Then apply the lip gloss with the brush by gliding it on your upper and lower lips. Then do a dab and it’s done.

When is the best time to use Primark Matte Lip Kit?

The best time to use this is whenever you feel like it. Feel like pampering yourself, go for it.


This lip-kit contains a lip-liner which is like a pencil. It comes with a transparent cap. The liquid matte gloss is within a square plastic tube attached with a long brush along with the twist over the cap.

Pros & Cons of PRIMARK Matte Lip Kit


  1. The packaging is good
  2. The matte finish is superb
  3. The pigmentation is definitely the best
  4. The brush is convenient to handle
  5. Suits all skin textures and is long-lasting
  6. Doesn’t irritate the skin


  1. The liner is quite fragile, it breaks soon
  2. Wastage when sharpening the lip liner

Final Verdict

  • The matte finish is perfect and it’s definitely a ‘LUX-E-ury’ to have this brand. I love the color and its long-lasting effect.
  • Our Ratings: 9/10
  • Price: INR 442/ 4ml liquid matte lipstick and 1gm lip liner

Where to Buy

It’s a UK based brand of cosmetics. It’s available online on its official website and on Amazon and other third party websites.

Hope you enjoyed reading PRIMARK Matte Lip Kit Review. Read more posts on Facial Care here.

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