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MAC Mini Mascara Review

Women and their eyelashes have always been a topic of discussion among other women. Every woman wants pretty and long eyelashes and so did I. Though looks can be deceiving because of the extensions added to the eyelashes; yet they still look stunning. So let’s get the eyes talking with the M.A.C Mascara Mini- in extreme dimension lash- spin and twist. Here is MAC mini mascara review. Read on to know if I got the desired long eye lashes like all other woman.

MAC Mini Mascara Review

Product packaging: Their formula claims to add dense volume as well as extend the length. It also creates curl while conditioning for softness, flexibility, and length. That’s what the product claims. Let’s see if their claims hold true. Read my experience below!


  • Shelf Life : 2 years
  • Color : Green
  • Fragrance : Pungent

My Experience

I am very fond of mascara because it always adds glam to the eye. So this product of M.A.C was new to the market and colored mascara was just trending. So I picked this shade of green mascara and wanted to try it just to be with the trend. This mascara is totally waterproof and smudge-proof. I was disappointed with the color as it looks more black than green except the color is a little visible during the day. I tried applying more coats for the color to be seen but it didn’t help. However, the eyelashes looked more voluminous and the brush is just perfect to stroke on the eyelashes.

So I would suggest buying it only for the right finish and for the brush. Indeed it gave me the long eyelashes like I always wanted. To the ones who wear extensions this mascara is definitely worth it.

MAC Mini Mascara Review

How to use MAC Mini Mascara?

Use the brush to apply to lashes, from root to tip. Repeat until desired effect is achieved.

When is the best time to use MAC Mini Mascara?

During the day for the color to be seen.


The curler is attached to the lid which is easy to open and the packaging comes with the color of the mascara so it’s easy to identify with the necessary labels.

Pros & Cons of MAC Mini Mascara


  1. Ophthalmologist-tested
  2. Safe for contact lens wearers
  3. Lifting and dense volume
  4. Separates lashes and extends the length
  5. Non-clumping and curls up
  6. Flake-proof and smudge-proof


  1. Dries up
  2. Need to re-apply repeatedly
  3. It’s disappointing because the color is not visible
  4. Expensive

Final Verdict

  • Although it tilts towards an average mascara, I would suggest buying it only for the right finish and for the brush.
  • Our Ratings: 7 /10
  • Price: INR 990 / 4 gm

Where to Buy

Available at its official website and many other third party websites and at the M.A.C retail showroom.

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