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Nivea Men Deep Smooth Shave Shaving Foam Black Carbon Review

I recently ran out of my Nivea shaving foam and just when I was about to purchase a new one, I noticed this – Nivea Men Deep Smooth Shave Shaving Foam Black Carbon. As you may have heard in many skin care products that activated Black carbon is may help lift bacteria from facial pores as well as reduces acne and overall skin complexion. I had to try this out and so this review is all about the Nivea’s Black carbon shaving foam.

Nivea is one of the oldest brands for men products and in recent years, I have been seeing them come out with many products than I can try. However, they always leave a good impression on my mind. So when I came across this black carbon shaving foam, I wanted to see how is this shaving foam is any different, so here we are today.

Brand Claim

The formula with black carbon cleans and protects the skin. Prepares the hair for the shave and acts as a gliding shield on the skin.


For Women/Men: Men

Shelf life: 3 years

Colour: Gray

Fragrance: Mild Musky fragrance (Love it)

My Experience

The first spray just gave out dark air. The Shaving foam flowed smoothly from third spray. The color of the foam is light gray. From the first moment I applied the foam on my face, I knew that this foam was going to be different from its counterparts.

Firstly, the fragrance was musky light and gentle. I loved it. It left me feeling fresh. My skin felt softer and smoother which not all shaving foams can achieve. I loved the fact that the foam spread evenly on the face and softens the hair.

The whole shaving process was really smooth. My shaving blade easily glides on my skin with no cuts. Any of the Nivea deep shave foams are my go to but I think this is one of the best so far. I will switch between the 3 foam types including this for a fun new shaving experience.

How to use Nivea Men Shave Shaving Foam Black Carbon?

Shake well before use and apply directly on to wet face. Remember to spread evenly for a good shave. Massage well and leave for a minute to absorb before you glide that blade.

When to use Nivea Men Shave Shaving Foam Black Carbon?

Whenever you want to shave and groom your beard.


It comes in a tube shaped spray can. You need to spray the nozzle to let out the foam. The nozzle has a cover to prevent leakage of the foam.

Pros & Cons of Nivea Men Deep Smooth Shave Shaving Foam Black Carbon


  • Great Fragrance
  • Softens hair
  • Easy smooth shaving (my blade glides)
  • Leaves skin soft
  • The foam spreads easily


  • More foam needs to be used for a greater experience than counterparts but this is not a con to me personally.
  • The nozzle gives out a little foam at a time.

Final Verdict

  • Great shaving experience with great fragrance which leaves skin supple. Will recommend this Shaving foam for anyone looking for a clean and smooth shave.
  • Our ratings: 9/10

Where to Buy

Online/Offline stores

Hope you enjoyed reading Nivea Men Deep Smooth Shave Shaving Foam Black Carbon Review. Read more posts on Body Care here, Facial Care here & Hair Care here.

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