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Lakme Absolute Precision Lip Paint Review

Imagine the red carpet is welcoming you with flashlights all around; You are all excited and nervous, yet deep inside you absolutely know you can handle this and you wear that Million dollar smile and grab all the attention towards you. Dreamy enough? Are you looking at your mirror yet? Well, I am sure you can make it a reality in the near future. I believe that reality is possible with amazing products such as this – The Lakme absolute precision Lip paint in Bold Crimson

“Look like a Lady, walk like a Boss”


I have always wondered how women entrepreneurs have time to even dress up and show up without a flaw? Is it really so easy? or are they all experts? Well, I think that question will remain unanswered for now, I hope I will get an answer someday.

The statement I want to make here is being bold and being vogue is what all women want. Women are said to never lower their standards for another. Well, I completely follow that and always assure that the bar is set at an all-time high.

Dear readers, I am sure you all are thriving every day to be the woman you aspire, and with very little self-time available you only wish life was a little easier in making decisions. Here I am to help you with one of the major concerns with makeup and that is with reference to the lipstick. I presume most women are a boss woman and this product is just for you.

The Lakme absolute precision Lip paint in Bold Crimson boasts about being the first-ever lip paint with an expert brush with superior definition. It states to get the expert look with this product. Well, I have heard a lot about this product, and many women have actually loved it and stolen the limelight.

I guess it’s my time now to steal the show and I made the boss move by buying it. Read further to know my experience on this.


Shelf life: 2 years

Colour: Bold Crimson

Fragrance: Vanilla

Texture: Creamy Matte

Price: Rs 520 for 3gm

My Experience:

Without much ado let me share my experience with this product. This lip paint comes in a cute little pot with a brush, which itself is a thumbs up to buy it. I was perplexed to buy this particular shade of lip paint because it was a little dark and I didn’t want to look gothic or shabby. However, trust me that this shade is all I ever wanted. The Bold Crimson suits all skin tones, it’s bold, classy, and bright and can make anyone look stunning.

I used the high-definition brush and took a little bit of the lip paint, outlined my lips, and then filled it evenly, the best part is the brush is really smooth, the bristles are pro-quality and help in precise application.

The pigmentation is really good and is definitely long-lasting. There wasn’t a need for a re-application till the end of the day. I also appreciate the fact that it’s a matte finish and didn’t have to bother about lips being chapped, and yes my friends it’s smudge-proof.

It is lightweight and the texture is soft and is just perfect for everyone. I truly felt like a boss woman after applying it, because I personally prefer simple and easy styles to help me save time and be red carpet ready. So the Lakme absolute precision Lip paint in Bold Crimson is on top of my lipstick collection and I absolutely recommend it to you all.

“Be Bright, be Bold and Be Brave”.

How to use Lakme Precision Lip Paint?

Follow these simple steps: one dip the expert brush into the lip paint, two define the borders of your lips. and three fill it in with rich matte color and get the bold avatar.

When to use Lakme Precision Lip Paint?

If you want to make a statement look with your outfit then wear this Bold crimson and You will look drop-dead gorgeous. Use it during the day or night as the color is bright enough to show off.


This product is packed in a recyclable paper box with labels and necessary information, the lip paint is in a small round fiber pot along with a brush in black and a cover in opaque white.

Pros and Cons of Lakme Absolute Precision Lip Paint


  • Rich Matte Color
  • Lightweight feel
  • smudge-proof, Long-lasting color, High pigmentation
  • Brush is great
  • The pot is travel and user friendly
  • Leakproof


  • The quality of the lid of the brush could be better

Final Verdict:

Definitely, this purchase is a boss move; So stay bold and perfect with this Lakme absolute Lip paint.

Where to Buy?

On the official Lakme website or store near you. Also available on Nykka, amazon, and other sites.

Key Ingredients:

Capryrlic-capric triglyceride, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Cyclopentasiloxane

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