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BIOTIQUE Bio Mountain Ebony Serum Review

When you have put in so much effort in styling and doing your hair but it still doesn’t sit properly? Even worse, it requires a re-do. Heart breaking. Isn’t it? Especially if you are on the run against time. After using Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Serum, I must say that this product is a last-minute savior every time (although not the most perfect solution).

Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair Intensive Hair Growth Treatment :-

Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Serum claims that it is pure ayurvedic product and not a cosmetic one. The packaging says that it is a product for intensive hair growth treatment It comes with natural extracts and is preservative-free. Read further to know more about my experience with the product.


  • Shelf Life : 3 years from date of manufacturing
  • Color : Very Dark brown
  • Fragrance : Light neem


Palm size plastic bottle with a turn around cap and a small opening within the bottle .

How to apply Biotique Bio Mountain Serum

Apply a small amount to dry scalp. Massage gently with circular motions. Leave on and style as desired.

My Experience with Biotique Bio Mountain Serum

Do you like styling you hair? I definitely do, but gorgeous hairstyles require a lot of effort and maintenance from our end. If only things were quicker for us women on the move. Luckily, I stumbled upon this. This is one such product that will enable you to quickly make and set your hair in different styles from a simple bun or braid to anything else your mind can think of.

All I had to do was just take a small amount of the serum. Apply it on the area that wasn’t looking neat and set it. Hurrah! It was fixed. The only drawback is the after-use effects. It left my hair more oily. This was only aggravated by the fact that my hair texture was already oily.

Definitely not a permanent solution for me but if you have a dry scalp and dry hair texture, then this product will suit you well. It claims that it reduces hair fall too which in my case was the opposite. I had hair fall after it’s use which is very disappointing. Perhaps, it depends on your hair texture and may work differently on different scalps and hair textures.

BIOTIQUE Bio Mountain Ebony Serum Review

Best time to apply Biotique Bio Mountain Serum

When you’re hair is messy and you need to set it up neatly.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Good packaging and travel friendly
  3. Scalp friendly
  4. Price is worth the quantity


  1. It can leave your hair oily after a few hours of application as it is a serum.
  2. It may cause hair fall which is a major disappointment of the product.
  3. Not recommended for oily hair textures.

Final Verdict

  • This serum is only suitable for dry hair textures and scalps. It is a big help in last minute hair styling. However, If you have oily hair, then, this product is not for you.
  • Our Ratings: 7/10
  • Price: Rs 185/120ml

Where to Buy

Online or Offline Retail stores.

Active Ingredients in Biotique Bio Mountain Serum

Kanchnar stem, pudina oil, kusumbh oil, neem bark, pipali fruit, mulethi stem and purified water.

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