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Cozy Skincare for the Winter Season – Men & Women

Winter is definitely the most liked season in my books because it feels like “Winter Heaven”. The only thing that bothers me is taking extra care of my skin. In fact, I know a few friends who don’t like the winter season because of the tedious process of taking care of their skin. Are you in the same boat? Why do you think The Petite Reviews is here? We will make you smile from end to end and freeze in the moment of time when you read this article. So Don’t miss to continue reading Cozy Skincare for the Winter season: Men & Women till the end.

Winter is always associated with dreamy weather, beautiful skylines, and a little bit of sunshine to keep us warm.

Winter skincare takes a little extra time and effort because the cold weather conditions are rather extreme for our tender skin. It’s either too cold outside or too dry inside, which makes our skin dull, dry, and flaky with several unwanted cuts and bruises. So what’s the best way for winter care? We got you covered.

Skincare needn’t always be elaborate but it’s definitely necessary; so pamper your skin this winter and woo people around you.! Here are a few tips that will help you give you that natural and beautiful skin for the season.

“to keep a warm heart in winter is the real victory”

The above adage is true but for all we know staying warm is the main criterion for winter. so let’s get to the good part! how to stay warm and wonderful this winter?

1. Stay hydrated

Water in Winter is Vital. Drink as much water as you can, your skin will thank you later. It’s not only in the summertime that we need to stay hydrated; it’s also in winter that water is vital to maintain hydration levels and avoid our skin from flaking and stay nourished. It is essential for overall health and to maintain your heart rate.

2. Stay moisturized

How painful it is to get a cut near the fingernails? Ouch! it hurts me terribly. So how do I avoid it? Use hand cream for your fingers and nails and flaunt them with the colors of the season. We also know that the lack of oil in the skin leads to flaky, dry, and dull skin. Moisturize your face and body every day so as to keep your skin nourished and smooth. Use a good moisturizer depending on your skin type and apply them daily. Remember to use a moisturizer that lasts longer. If you do not like using them then remember to give yourself a good oil massage at least twice a week in order to save your skin from flaking and looking dry.

3. Sun Screen for the skin

It is only a myth that sunscreens are for summers! I wonder who believes that. Remember! Sunscreen is for all seasons. So apply it to save your skin from aging and facing the harmful effects of the sun. Whether you moisturize your skin or not, do not forget to use that sunscreen generously. Doing so simply prevents the skin from aging and acts as a protective layer for our tender skin.

4. Lip care

When winter arrives many love eating something hot because the weather just makes us crave more food. However, our lips have another desire all together. They say stop and cry because those chapped winter lips are painful. So how to enjoy your winter days binge eating?

Simple just use a lip balm!

Ask me why? The reason is, although we drink enough water our lips need a certain level of hydration, chapped lips are usually a cause of dehydration. Even licking your lips too much, biting your lips, and lack of care leads to chapped and dry lips. If you use lipstick, then those lips need to be taken care of first. So use a balm that contains vitamin E and you can continue to show off your million-dollar smile.

5. Foot care

Wanna wear those pretty shoes and neon stilettos for the winter? But are your chapped feet silently crying for attention? Worry not! All you have to do is sock it up! Remember all our day to work is possible because of our feet. Thus feel free to flaunt your feet even during winters. Use a foot cream throughout the day, and don’t forget to sock it up when you’re indoors. Scrub your feet often with a pumice stone and keep it healthy. The simplest way to take care of your feet is to use a foot moisturizer and sock it up soon after.

6. Do not forget Hair care

Our hair is as important as the other parts of our body. So good hair care is necessary for winter. Most of us complain about hair fall, flaking scalp, dandruff, frizzy hair, and a lot of problems, especially in winters. So how do we overcome them and feel the “Love in the Hair”?.

The only remedy is to oil your hair regularly during winter. Oiling your hair is helps hair growth and also acts as a conditioner for the hair. Avoid too much heat and use a good conditioner. If you are someone who simply doesn’t want to follow oiling, then at least make sure to wear a hat or a scarf to avoid the cool, wet winter from harming your hair.

I hope the winter wonder care will help you enjoy the winter and wither away your skin problems.

Hope you enjoyed reading the Cozy Skincare for the Winter season: Men & Women. Read more posts on Body Care here, Facial Care here & Hair Care here.

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