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Wet N Wild Coverall Colour Correcting Palette Review

A good color corrector goes a long way. Especially when we have to deal with a wide range of different skin concerns such as blemishes, dark spots, skin discolorations, dark circles, redness, etc. Today, I shall review one such color correcting palette that claims to do it all! Read more on Wet N Wild Coverall Colour Correcting Palette below to find out my experience with it!


For Women/Men: Women

Shelf life: 5 years

Colour: Pink, Green, White, Beige Fragrance: None

My Experience

Colour correctors are quite new to me. I have only recently started using them and this color correcting palette by Wet N wild was the first product that I ended up investing in. I have redness around my nose, dark circles, and uneven skin tone and I wanted to see how well this palette would target my skin concerns.

This palette is actually pretty good. It helps in concealing the areas that I wanted to be covered, except that it leaves a whitish effect on your skin. This can make your skin appear dry, and so I use a moisturizer or primer beforehand. I always have to apply a foundation and blend well after color correcting my face or else the whitish effect is too noticeable on my wheatish complexion. It has a good thick consistency and I personally think that it is better to use fingers for application.

I use the green shade for redness, the pink shade for my dark circles, and the beige shade for covering my skin discolorations and other small dark spots. It has a pearl white shade that has a gorgeous sheen. The highlighter is more suitable for lighter skin tones. When I say this, I mean that except for the beige shade, the other shades would suit lighter skin tones. However, I made the shades work on my skin tone as well. Overall, this palette is a great buy for the price!.

How to use Wet N Wild Coverall Colour Correcting Palette?

You have to twist the top cover to open the product. You can either use a brush or your fingers to apply and then blend using a makeup sponge. Each color has a different purpose.

  • Pink- This shade is used for brightening up dull skin and covering dark circles
  • Green- This shade is used to correct any redness and cover acne
  • Beige- This shade is also used for covering dark circles and blemishes
  • White- This shade is used as a highlighter

When to use Wet N Wild Coverall Colour Correcting Palette?

After you apply primer and before foundation.


Comes in a circular black plastic kit with a transparent top through which the colors can be seen. 

Pros & Cons of Wet N Wild Coverall Colour Correcting Palette


  1. Affordable
  2. Good quantity
  3. Easy to apply
  4. Long-lasting
  5. Won’t make your skin look patchy
  6. Good for layering


  • Not suitable for all skin tones

Final Verdict

  • A beginner-friendly product that will take care of your skin imperfections; this color correcting palette is a must-buy!
  • Our Ratings: 8.5/10
  • Price: INR 450 for 6.5 gm

Where to Buy

Online stores

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