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Wella Senso Calm Shampoo Review

Wella Senso Calm Shampoo Review

Wella is one of the top known brands when it comes to hair. It offers a variety of shampoo according to your hair maintenance. Their products never let me down. This Senso Calm shampoo is specially made for sensitive scalps prone to psoriasis and eczema. So, here is Wella Senso Calm Shampoo Review.

The shampoo claims to be a fragrance-free shampoo. It states that it soothes and calms sensitive scalp. It states that it reduces itchiness and leaves the scalp, calm and relaxed. The packaging says that it has bamboo, caffeine, and menthol which when combined, treats your scalp and gives it much-needed nourishment, protection, and refreshment. Keep reading to know if their claims hold true and how my experience went.


Shelf Life : 36 months

Color : White

Fragrance : Fresh soothing fragrance

My Experience

This shampoo is my life saver, I don’t even know where to begin. Psoriasis is something that cannot be healed but only controlled and trust me it is a very serious condition. I had experienced the worst reactions when using shampoo that didn’t suit my infected scalp. I was so happy to finally get hold of a shampoo that actually really controlled my psoriasis and gave me a healthier looking hair.

This shampoo reduced my itchy sensation, inflammation and also controlled my scalp from peeling off and I was just overwhelmed by the results. Overall, my experience with this shampoo was really good.

How to use Wella Senso Calm Shampoo?

Apply to damp hair. Massage gently with fingertips. Lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat, if necessary.

When is the best time to apply Wella Senso Calm Shampoo?

Whenever you want to wash your hair ofcourse 😉


Comes in a circular plastic container with a flip opening.

Pros & Cons of Wella Senso Calm Shampoo


  • A fragrance that soothes and calms sensitive scalps.
  • Calms irritated scalps without further irritation.
  • Cleans impurities gently.
  • Gives clean and invigorated results.
  • Lotus extract, allantoin, and menthol replenish vital hydration to irritated skin.


  • Haven’t found one yet.

Final Verdict

We will recommend this shampoo for sensitive scalp. (Best of the best for sensitive scalps)

Our Ratings: 10/10

Price: INR 620 (250 ml)

Where to Buy

Online or Offline Retail stores.

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