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The Face Shop Mask Sheet Review – Acne Treatment Mask Red Ginseng Rouge

(Of the Combo Pack which comes in a 7 Mask Kit, this is about the Red Ginseng Rouge Mask Sheet) : The pandemic has strictly told us, “Wear a mask! Stay safe from the virus!”, but wearing masks was always part of our women’s life. We wear a scarf, we wear a hoody, and we wear a face pack and so on. Now that we are strictly told to wear a mask, the only face mask I would recommend is the face shop acne proof mask sheet. Why? Because loving yourself is the best thing one can do in the current situation when stuck at home. Here is The Face Shop Mask Sheet Review.

Let’s see through these brands of masks. This is a Korean product for natural skincare with natural ingredients which states that it instantly gives fresh, hydrated, and supple skin. It’s also an acne busting routine care product and is dermatologically tested. So let us test this claim. Read more below!

The Face Shop Mask Sheet Review - Acne Treatment Mask


  • Shelf Life : One use. 2 years
  • Color : Transparent white mask
  • Fragrance : Perfumed aroma


It comes in a kit bag made of cloth with cute icons on it and the mask sheet is fitted within a paper wrap which is tearable from above with the necessary labels on it.

How to apply

It’s a kit of 7 face masks, so choose whichever you want to try out. Open the pack and remove the mask with care and place it on your face by covering all the open areas leaving your eyes, and lips. Curve it according to the coverage you need. Leave it on for about 15- 20 minutes.

My Experience

Work-life gets stressful many a time and in the hustle, I fail to nurture my skin. Every day I could see little boils around my face which later turned out to be acne. My bad, I should have taken care of my skin earlier. Well, better late than never. What’s the next best thing to do? Find an instant solution. Isn’t it? I needed something that would give me good results. After a long search,  I stumbled upon The Face Shop’s Acne Treatment Mask Sheets.

The Face Shop Mask Sheet Review - Acne Treatment Mask

I was desperate to heal my skin and get back my old beautiful look. I ended up buying this online and was fascinated by the kit. It was simply cute and contains the face mask sheets in it. The 7 masks each have a unique natural ingredient. They range from real nature olive, real nature tea tree, real nature pore care face mask, real nature aloe aloes, real nature kelp varech, real nature red ginseng, and real nature mung bean.

Couldn’t wait to try it. I first tried the real nature red ginseng face mask sheet. Tore the pack and I simply loved its refreshing aroma. I took the easy to use mask face mask sheet and left it on for about 20 minutes. The only break I took after my long hours of work. I loved the cooling effect which was therapeutic. The best 20 minutes therapy I can say.

The results were just stunning. My skin felt firmer, smoother, and fresh. It definitely eliminated the mess of using a peel-off or any other wet face mask. It gives deep moisturization and no doubt reduces acne. This is now my favorite product I would never hesitate to buy it again. So that’s just one of the face mask sheets I used out of the 7, I am sure the rest will be just as good as this one. Will definitely try that next and share my reviews on it too.

The Face Shop Mask Sheet Review - Acne Treatment Mask

Best time to apply

When your skin feels tired and you have no work to do, just pamper your skin with this face mask and allow it to sink in, and simply enjoy.


1)    Reduction in acne
2)    Makes your skin glow
3)    Refreshing
4)    Definitely gives smooth supple skin
5)    Regular usage gives good results


1)    All face masks have limited usage so this too can be used at a limit.

Final Verdict

  • The best mask one can invest in would be this face mask for all those who have acne-prone skin. After using this I can confidently say “acne is a thing of the past”.
  • Our Ratings : 8.5/10
  • Price : INR 750 (for 7 mask kit)

Hope you enjoyed reading The Face Shop Mask Sheet Review. Check out more posts on Body Care.

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