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SUGAR Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick Review – 01 Browning Glory


SUGAR cosmetics definitely know how to make heads turn. In such a short time, they have managed to capture the hearts of Indian women. There is nothing more that we appreciate than Indian brands making the effort to provide us the accessibility to trendy cosmetics that are suitable for our skin tones. This time, I have chosen to review one of their gorgeous lipsticks! Read further on SUGAR Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick Review to find out more!


  • For Women/Men? : Women
  • Shelf Life : 3 years
  • Color : A mix of nude, brown, pink
  • Fragrance : Very mild fruity smell

My Experience

I am a huge sucker for nude lipsticks because they look the best on me. I have tried a lot of pinks and reds but they just don’t give me the satisfaction that a good nude lipstick does. 

For me, the mauve shade of Maybelline’s lip gradation range has been my go-to lipstick for the longest time. So, when it got over the last time, I went to a store to look for it and the sales lady told me that it wasn’t there and tried to help me out by looking for something similar. That is how I came across this lipstick. I tested it out and knew right away that I had to purchase it. 

This shade is just the perfect color for me. This is a nude and a brown mix but when it goes on my lips, it gives off a pink tinge as well and the combination of the three colors just works beautifully. The lipstick is buttery and glides on perfectly. I like that it is waterproof and long-lasting (it will only fade a little if you eat something), very well pigmented, and gives an opaque finish as it claims. It is light and does not cause your lips to become flaky. It is transferrable only right after applying but once it settles down, it is non-transferable. 

This range of SUGAR lipstick comes in 34 divine shades that are absolutely worth giving a shot. Go ahead and get impressed, my loves!

Note: The swatch shown in the picture below is only 1 coat.

SUGAR Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick Review

How do you use

Roll the lipstick out a little and apply it to your lips. You can reapply depending on the intensity you would prefer. 


Comes in a black square plastic tube (both the body and the top are black with white labeling)

When should I use (Best time)

Every time you step out of your house to go anywhere. It goes with every occasion. 


  • Money’s worth
  • Cruelty-free
  • Good pigmentation
  • Smooth texture
  • Water-resistant


  • Reapplication may be required.

Final Verdict

  • If you love nude lipsticks just as much as I do, you won’t regret getting this! Thank me later!
  • Our Ratings : 9.5/10
  • Price : INR 499 for 3.2 gm

Where to Buy

Offline/online stores

Hope you enjoyed reading SUGAR Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick Review. Read more posts on Facial Care here.

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