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Sugar Black Mirror Metallic Eyeliner Review

Some glitter to a dull life is always necessary, and so this review is about “all that glitter is not just gold”. By this I mean glitter can be black too with the Sugar’s Eye Dared you so Metallic Eyeliner in the color 06 Black Mirror. Read below to know more as well as our final verdict. So here is Sugar Black Mirror Metallic Eyeliner Review.

Sugar Metallic eyeliner Review – 06 Black Mirror

The packaging says to “Ditch the usual. Own the glamorous coz SUGAR Eye Dared You So Metallic Eyeliner is here!”. They go on to say that now is the time to cross the line and step into the world of glamour and glitz. The product states that the brush applicator gives a smooth application. So that you can be ready to wing it, anytime, any day! Read below for my experience and final verdict.


Shelf Life : 2 year

Color : Black metallic

Fragrance : Pungent

My Experience

When you have a night party and you don’t wanna look dull, all you’ve got to do is add some glitter to you’re eyes. This metallic black eyeliner does just the same. It’s extremely black and shimmery and accentuates your eyes to give the right amount of bling.  It’s liquid formula is quick to dry. The rich matte finish is what I love the most.

How to use Sugar Black Mirror Metallic Eyeliner?

Shake the product well before use. Sweep the brush applicator across the line of your eye lashes. For a more intense glam look, reapply and go slay your day!

When is the best time to use Sugar Black Mirror Metallic Eyeliner?

To look glam at an evening party (and to get everyone’s attention on your eyes :P).


Like any other traditional eyeliner, it comes with a strong and long brush that is attached to a turn-around cover. The liquid product is within the bottom base.

Pros & Cons of Sugar Black Mirror Metallic Eyeliner


  1. Gives a rich matte-metallic finish
  2. Long-lasting and waterproof.
  3.  It is cruelty-free and
    paraben free.
  4. Smudge proof
  5. Doesn’t irritate skin
  6. Good pigmentation


  1. Can dry up with time
  2. Over priced.

Final Verdict

  • A woman’s enhancer to any look, giving a rich matte finish and glitter to the eyes and still quick to dry.
  • Our Ratings : 8.5/10
  • Price : INR 699 / 2ml

Where to Buy

Online or Offline Retail stores.

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