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Sugar Cosmetics Eyes and Shine Shadow Crayon Review

My dear readers, I hope this review will ease your life a little and help you stay glamorous always. I hope you will cling your champagne glass with mine after learning about The Sugar Cosmetics Eyes and Shine Shadow Crayon in garnet glitz ( metallic pink champagne)

“The only reason a woman should ever look down is to show off her eye shadow. “

The Sugar eyes and shine shadow crayon has been around the market for a while now. It claims to give you an experience of time-saving ecstasy. While I write this review I am sure many of you are multi-tasking while reading this too. Just as how I did, I know many of you will go gaga over the metallic pink champagne pomp of Garnet Glitz.

The Sugar Cosmetics Eyes and Shine Shadow Crayon in garnet glitz ( metallic pink champagne)

What are the benefits of using Eye shadows?

Eye shadows are one cosmetic that can completely transform one’s appearance. After lipstick, I think eye shadow pallets are the most stocked on the list. Because we can never get bored of trying it. However, applying the eye shadow is a tough task and requires patience, and is almost equal to working out because we have to “blend”!.


Shelf life: 2 years

Colour: garnet glitz ( mettallic pink champagne)

Fragrance: light lime

Texture: smooth matte

Price: Rs 599 (incl. all taxes) 2.4g

My experience with Sugar Cosmetics Shadow Crayon

Why is it always so hard to be content with one product or one cosmetic? I wish there were limited choices so we could decide easily and be satisfied. It is always said to act smart to look smart, but sometimes we are all lazy people with a busy schedule and wish everything was automated or everything was done by Siri or Alexa? Especially when it comes to dressing up and applying makeup.

I belong to the category of a woman who likes things being done in the most simple way. That’s why I chose this sugar eyes and shine shadow crayon to make my life a lot simpler. This product is my favorite because there is no need to use a brush to add eyeshadow to your eyelids, it is a twist-up crayon so you can roll it and use the crayon easily to glide and blend the color smoothly from the inner of the eyes to the outer.

The best thing it is got glitter and just adds the right amount of shimmer you need for any occasion, be it at work, a party, or any big event.

I think it is crafted for working women on the go, and it does justice to what it claims is a long-lasting comfortable wear. The product claims it contains ultra-fine pearls to give a glam look, but I must say it will leave your pearl eye look even more gorgeous.

The product comes in many different swatches, and the pigmentation is really good and lasts long. I never had to re-apply it and it didn’t for once itch my eye. Therefore I suggest my readers, when in doubt just add glitter don’t wait more; go check it out now.

The Sugar Cosmetics Eyes and Shine Shadow Crayon in garnet glitz ( metallic pink champagne)

How to use Sugar Cosmetics Shadow Crayon Garnet Glitz -metallic pink champagne?

This product is a multi-purpose eye shadow crayon. It is not just an eye shadow but can also be used as a highlighter and brightener for a chic and pretty look. How to use it? well simply use the crayon as you would on paper; First, apply the crayon on your upper eyelid and blend smoothly. You can then blend it with other shades to get a glamorous matte-shine finish.

When to use Sugar Cosmetics Shadow Crayon Garnet Glitz -metallic pink champagne?

This product is for the work on the go kind of people, so use it every day for a subtle shimmer look and to enhance your eyes.


The eyeshade crayon is packed in a paper box with the labels and necessary information. It’s a twist-up crayon in black on the outer and fitted within the holder. The shade is marked on the outside at the bottom of the crayon holder making it easy to identify,

Pros and Cons of Sugar Cosmetics Eyes and Shine Shadow Crayon


  • Twist-up crayon, hence easy to use
  • Smooth application
  • High pigmentation
  • Long-lasting
  • Not itchy preservative-free & water-resistant
  • The shimmer effect is good
  • Travel-friendly and pocket friendly


  • The crayon falls off

Final verdict:

I still use this product and it simply adds a little glam to my life. I may not sip champagne always but the metallic pink champagne on my eyes is always there. Are you looking to add some glitz and glam too; then go try the sugar eyes and shine range of shadow crayons and tell me how you felt.

Where to buy:

Sugar’s official website, Amazon, or any other

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