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Nykaa Nude Nail Enamel Polish Review – Collection from Candy Crush No 11

Are there any women who haven’t waved at someone just to flaunt their nail colour? Sounds weird? Well, I am just one among them. As a kid, I have always loved fancy colours on my nails with some sparkle and shine and would probably have different colours on each nail too, and even today I love bright colours on my nails. However, for a change, I tried pastel colours and got my hands on this nail enamel named candy crush by Nykaa. This product’s name will invite one’s curiosity especially if you have been playing the game Candy Crush. The same happened with me and I ended up adding it to my box. So, here is Nykaa Nude Nail Enamel Polish Review.

The Nykaa nail enamel polish- candy crush 11 says it’s light, intense, and long-lasting. Let us test this claim. Read further to know if I really had a crush on the nail polish.


  • Shelf Life : 3 years
  • Color : Very light peach
  • Fragrance : Normal Nail paint aroma


A finger size square glass bottle with a dispenser which is built into the cap.

How to apply

Just turn the cap, dip the brush in the nail paint and simply paint your nails.

My Experience

I have always had some sense of satisfaction in flaunting my nails after applying nail enamel, so for every girly girl out there, “nail enamel is always necessary”. 

Let me tell you a fun fact about me. I have baby fingers and really short nails, so any shade of nail paint suits my fingers. This very light peach color did the same. I applied 3 coats to get that glossy finish and the brush was really smooth and covered the corners of the nails too. It simply makes your fingers look pretty and sophisticated because the shade is very light and sober. The best part this shade suits all skin tones, so “keep calm and wear nail paint”.

It did last long unlike other nail enamels and also took a really long time to chip off which was very satisfying.

Best time to apply

There is no ideal time; I would suggest applying when you’re bored of seeing bright and dark colours on your nails.


1)    Glossy smooth finish
2)    Strong and smooth bristles
3)    Long-lasting
4)    Doesn’t leave a yellowish tinge on the nails
5) Cruelty-free


1)    Need to apply many coats

Final Verdict

  • I now have a “crush” on this Nykaa nail enamel polish. It’s definitely worth trying. I would definitely recommend this shade to those who love pastels.
  • Our Ratings : 9/10
  • Price : INR 179 for 9 ml

Hope you enjoyed reading Nykaa Nude Nail Enamel Polish Review. Check out more posts on Body Care.

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