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Nykaa Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

Tea-tree oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties. Not only is it known for doing wonders to the skin but it also helps with dandruff and hair loss. Today, I shall be reviewing one of the 19 essential oils that Nykaa has; so, keep reading on Nykaa Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil to find out more!


For Women/Men: Both

Shelf life: 3 years

Color: Transparent

Fragrance: Pungent but a very relaxing smell

My Experience

I received this essential oil as a gift from a friend about a month and a half ago. After reading about it on the internet, I decided that I was ready to give it a try. So, for one full month, I judiciously used this product on my face and my hair and sometimes, on my nails too. 

For my skin, I saw almost immediate improvement. I usually get one or two pimples around that time of the month and this oil just zapped them last month in no time. I also saw my skin texture improve greatly after using this. It worked so well for my redness too. The oil provided me instant hydration which is essential for me given my skin gets drier during winters. I used this almost every night with rosewater and my skin always had a glow and always felt soft. 

Nykaa Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

As for my hair, I think I would have to continue using it further in order to see results because 1 month was not enough for me to observe massive changes. But I have to admit that my hair was softer than usual every time I applied the essential oil and definitely looked and felt very healthy and moisturized. I was not very regular in using the product on my nails but whenever I did, my nails looked glossy which I liked a lot!

A little goes a long way when it comes to this product; just a few drops will work wonders! Looking at me applying this product, even my brother started using it and it got over so quickly! But that did not stop me from purchasing two more bottles and hence, it is clear that I am going to continue using this essential oil and I would recommend all of you to get your hands on this and explore the entire collection while you are at it!

How to use Nykaa Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil?

  1. When you want to apply it to your skin, make sure that you don’t use it directly and that you have washed your face. Take a piece of cotton, pour a few drops of rosewater onto it. Then, pour a few drops of the tea tree oil onto the same piece of cotton and apply it to the affected areas of the skin. Make sure that you always apply the essential oil diluted because a direct application could cause skin reactions like irritations, breakouts, etc.
  2. You can use this oil on the days you want to wash your hair. Take some amount of shampoo onto your palm and in that, mix a few drops of tea tree oil and wash your hair with it. You can also mix it with coconut oil and massage your hair and then proceed to take a head bath.
  3. You can directly apply the oil on nails using a piece of cotton.

When to use Nykaa Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil?

  1. For your skin, you can use this oil every night before going to sleep.
  2. In case of your hair, you can use this oil every time you take a head bath.
  3. And for the nails, you can use this oil as and when you feel like it.


Comes in a tiny dark blue glass bottle with a dropper attached to the lid. 

Pros & Cons of


  1. Reduces blemishes
  2. Provides hydration
  3. Affordable
  4. Easy to apply
  5. Rejuvenates skin


  • Quantity is too less for someone who would want to use it for skin, hair, and nails on a regular basis.

Final Verdict

  • A budget-friendly miracle worker for skin, hair, and nails! Absolute must-buy!
  • Our Ratings : 9.8/10
  • Price : INR 350 for 10 ml

Where to Buy

Online stores

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