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MAC Mini Lipstick Review – Twig Satin Lipstick

Having a tough time choosing the right shade of lipstick? You can always play it safe by going for nude shades because they can never go wrong! If you’re new to nude shade lipsticks and are willing to try them, then, have a look at this MAC Mini Lipstick Review.

M.A.C mini lipstick is claimed to be the cult product of MAC that gave it recognition. It claims that it is long-wearing and has a matte finish. Let us test this claim.


  • Shelf Life : 1 year from the date of manufacture
  • Color : Nude/ soft brownish pink
  • Fragrance : Vanilla


Black colored mini-sized roll-up stick with a cotton bud placed in the lid, inside a plastic cover and label wrap.

How to apply

Apply to the lips directly with the lipstick bullet or use a brush for more precision.

MAC Mini Lipstick Review - Twig Satin Lipstick

My Experience

Every woman loves looking naturally beautiful. Certainly, this twig satin (soft brownish pink) shade of lipstick enhanced my looks and perfectly matched with my facial skin tone.

Nudes are a very light shade which blends right in naturally with your lip color. So, always choose one which suits your lip colour, for this can enhance your skin tone and elevate your natural beauty.

This MAC mini twig shade is light and has a completely matte finish with a satin velvet finish. It makes my lip look simply flawless and adds to my elegant look. I like that it doesn’t smudge and is also water-resistant. It gets a little flaky over time but a lip balm could help. Apply once and you’re good to go.

Best time to apply

Nude shades look prettier during the day.


  1. Long-lasting
  2. Easy to apply
  3. The packaging is good as the lipstick is covered with a cotton bud inside the cap


  1. Gets flaky over time
  2. Price

Final Verdict

  • MAC mini nude shades are a must-have for getting a natural-looking beautiful lip color.
  • Our Ratings : 9.5/10
  • Price : INR 990 for 1.8 gm

Where to Buy


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