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Le Petit Olivier Lip Balm Review

Le Petit Olivier Lip Balm or Le Petit Olivier Baume Levres Huile D’Olive in french is meant for both men and women. The lip balm claims to have been specially formulated to offer your lips intense and long-lasting hydration which leaves your lips soft, supple and soothed. They also claim that the oils and waxes used in this formula are of natural origin which moisturizes your lips for 8 hours. Here is my experience in Le Petit Olivier Lip Balm Review

Le Petit Olivier Lip Balm Review (Le petit olivier baume levres huile d'olive review)


Color : Pearlish white

Fragrance : Pleasant Neutral Olive Shea Butter

My Experience

Taking care of your lips is important. I wanted a product that was natural and was not too oily either. After using this for more than months now, I can ahppily say I love this lip balm. My lips feel are more soft and supple than before. Infact, everytime I apply it, I love the texture it gives.

You will notice that dry lips will not be an issue with this lip balm. My dryness has reduced and I love that it quickly absorbs into my lips. The only downfall is I need to keep reapplying to maintain the moisture but then again, isn’t it the same for all lip-balms out there?

How to use Le Petit Olivier Lip Balm?

Pull the cap off, twist and apply the stick to your lips.

When is the best time to use Le Petit Olivier Lip Balm?

Any time and Every time.


The lip-balm stick comes attached to a slightly thick square cardboard piece.

Pros & Cons of Le Petit Olivier Lip Balm


  • Moisturizes and quickly absorbs into the skin.
  • Travel-friendly
  • Beautiful fragrance
  • Easy to apply
  • Visibility of the balm on lips is less (Don’t want attention haha)


  • Need to keep reapplying

Final Verdict

  • A very good lip-balm which is way above average when compared to other counterparts. I would highly recommend these if you have dry lips.
  • Our Ratings: 9/10
  • Price: €2.29 for 4g

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