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Keo Karpin Body Oil Review

Back in the days, “Keo Karpin” was a brand which was in hype. Most of us were very familiar with the hair oil advertisement of Keo Karpin which was too good to be true, and it just disappeared from media. However, their products are still in demand to this day. But I bet, if you are reading this, there is a high change you may have not heard about their body oil and so I wrote the Keo Karpin Body Oil Review.

“I was today year old” when I came across the Keo Karpin Body Oil. I had this uncanny feeling about this product since I had a prejudiced statement about the brand. Nonetheless, my principle is “Never go by the brand name. Check the ingredients”. Before you judge me, just read till the end.

This body oil claims to have only natural ingredients like olive oil,neem and haldi (P.S. I totally fell for this). It is also said to be a lightweight body oil which can be used during the winters as a substitute for any kind of body lotion for moisturization. This product also states that it easily spreads and absorbs into the skin without being sticky or greasy. Even better claim was that it reduces skin blemishes for all skin type. Let us test it out! Keep reading below!


  • Shelf Life : 2 years from date of manufacturing (Once opened, use it within 1 year).
  • Color : Clear Oil
  • Fragrance : It has a strong smell due to the presence of Camphor and other herbs.


The packaging of this body oil is very simple. It is in a plastic bottle. However, this 200 ml bottle is sturdy enough to carry along while travelling. For extra protection from an accidental spill, it has a lock lid system as well.

How to apply

Take few drops of oil into your palms, give it a rub and apply it onto your body.

Keo Karpin Body Oil Review

My Experience

Did I judge the product before using it? Yes, but the organic freak inside me made me see the ingredients and I purchased it. After 2 weeks of dedicated application on my skin, I could feel the difference. My skin felt soft and healthy. I even saw my sun tan reducing in about a month of application, but am not sure if it is due to the product itself.

This oil has now become my go to product. I mix it with my face pack and apply it for my skin care and also use it in my hair as well. I personally feel that all this has helped me a lot in maintaining my hair and skin.

Best time to apply

After you take a shower you can apply the oil with any of your preferred body creams.


  1. This oil is non sticky.
  2. Goodness of 3 amazing organic properties Neem,olive oil and haldi.
  3. This oil is effective on skin.


The smell will overpower your nose but it’s not a dangerous thing.

Final Verdict

  • Well, when you count your blessings please count this amazing Oil too. A good body oil that can be used for DIY masks too.
  • Our Ratings : 9/10
  • Price : INR 105 / 200 ml (prices may differ according to the size of the product)

Active Ingredients

Olive oil, Neem and Haldi

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