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Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes Review

Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes Review

Removing makeup with the right product is crucial for maintaining good skin. And doing it with a skincare wipe just makes it even better. Today, I shall review Johnson’s baby skincare wipes- which are just as good for adults as much as they are for babies!


For Women/Men: Both

Shelf life: 2 years

Color: White

Fragrance: Pleasant, Fresh

My Experience

I have been using these baby wipes for the longest time! With them, I have never felt the requirement to purchase a makeup remover. They are so easy to use and they remove every trace of makeup and dirt so smoothly without any kind of irritation.

These soft-smelling wipes make my skin feel super fresh and energized and have never caused any skin problems. My skin feels very soft and clean after I use them. 

Although they cannot completely remove very heavy makeup, they work perfectly otherwise. An extremely random purchase that I had made some 5 years ago, I am glad that it stuck around to be my ultimate makeup remover!

Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes Review
Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes Review

How to use Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes?

Take a wet wipe from the package and use it gently on your skin to take any makeup or dirt off. 

When to use Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes?

  1. Whenever you want your face to feel fresh
  2. To wipe off dirt or dust from pollution
  3. To take makeup off


Comes in a pink rectangular plastic package which consists of 20 wipes.

Pros & Cons of Johnsons Baby Skincare Wipes


  • Affordable
  • Gentle on skin
  • Removes dirt and makeup very well
  • Easy to use
  • Great quantity


  • It is not eco-friendly

Final Verdict

  • A quality product that works way better for its price, these skincare wipes are a lifesaver. The only down is that they are not very eco-friendly.
  • Our ratings: 10/10 (for the quality product)
  • INR 75 for 20 wipes

Where to Buy

Online/Offline stores

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