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Faces Canada Nail Enamel Review

A nail enamel displays one’s energy, it actually attracts a lot of attention after the lipstick with reference to makeup. “Color your nails or not at all”. This season remembers to paint your nails and make a statement look. This review is for the easy, breezy, cheesy people around there. Let us dwell on Faces Canada Nail Enamel that I have tried.

“Splash” Bahama breeze

The product i.e. The Faces Canada ” splash” range of nail enamel is for those who live on the fashion fast lane, these mini nail enamels provide unbeatable full colors and smooth application. mood anytime, anywhere. It has a chip-defiant formula and new shades inspired by the latest trends.

My friend while you decide what to do with your nails for the OOTD, just take a super quick check on this product.


Shelflife: 2 years

Colour: turquoise green, shade – Bahama breeze

Texture: liquid gel

Fragrance: Paint

My experience:

I have been living in the coastal area for a really long time, and the tropical climate here is overwhelming. The hot summers or the monsoons. Every season is joyful. Having stated that, I think people in such a climate will know the best thing to do in summer is to hit the beach to enjoy the ocean breeze and some water splash.

Yes, I planned to do the same and was ready to go beach hopping. I wore my beach wear, and I noticed that my nails wear not colored. It doesn’t take really long to apply nail paint, so I decided to beautify my nails and picked this color from my collection and I applied it. Vow! The mini nail enamel is just cute and easy to handle; the shade of color is a mix of turquoise and green just like the ocean water. I loved how vivid and vibrant the shade is and the brush is too easy to handle and perfectly designed I thank it for enabling me to apply it quickly and easily covering all areas of my finger and toenails.

It dried super quickly and I applied another layer of nail paint for a better finish. I was impressed with how it looked, just bright and pretty. I was now all set to enjoy the breezy day.

You can also go surfing, swimming, or simply build sand castles just like me, but remember to add color pop when life gets a little busy.

What are you waiting for? go to the Bahamas? or simply apply the Faces Canada “splash” Bahama breeze “and enjoy a tropical drink? Decide and let me know;-)

How to use Faces Canada Nail Enamel

It’s simple, you can simply apply it on your nails, be it any type, on nail extensions. Take the brush and dip it in the nail enamel and apply it to your nails. The brush helps you to design your nails the way you want them. Apply another coat for a good finish.

When to use Faces Nail Enamel

The shade is “Bahama breeze”, it is super bright and breezy in color. It is a color definitely for beach lovers or social birds. Use it for any outdoor event like a beach day or party, or with any casual look.


The nail enamel is packed in a cute and handy glass bottle like a typical nail paint with all the basic details and a brush dispenser within.

Pros and Cons of Faces Canada Nail Enamel


  • High-performing nail enamels
  • Quick-drying, long-lasting finish
  • Chip-defying formula and safe for the nails
  • Non-harmful, cruelty and paraben free
  • Easy to use
  • Travel, user and pocket friendly
  • The design of the brush is good
  • The pigmentation and finish are great


  • I couldn’t find any

Final verdict:

I like this shade for the color pop just like ocean blues and breeze. It’s a pretty shade and the best part of the product is, it didn’t dry up within the bottle, unlike other nail enamels. I am definitely going to head for another ‘”splash”.

Where to buy:

Find it on amazon, on the official website, or in their merchandise store.

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