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Dot & Key Hyaluronic Serum Review

Dehydration is a state of skin that affects everyone from time to time and that is exactly why no skin routine is complete without a good hydrating serum. This Indian brand is new to the market and yet, it is already booming and blooming with its amazing skincare products which are said to be paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free. The product states that it is clinically tested and cruelty-free. So, here is Dot & Key Hyaluronic Serum Review

Dot & Key Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum Concentrate is said to give the skin intense hydration and puts extra thirsty skin to rest by replenishing its moisture reservoirs by easily absorbing into the skin.  This face serum can also be used alone or along with your favorite moisturizing cream for long-lasting hydration. The acai berry, Bulgarian rose, and vitamin C present in the serum tend to be very effective in healing damaged skin and promoting cell regeneration. Head on down to read my experience with this product.


Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacturing (once opened, use within 6 months)

Color: Broken White Color

Fragrance: Mild Rose Fragrance

My Experience with Dot & Key Hyaluronic Serum

After scouting through many online platforms and beauty retailers for a good and affordable serum, I ended up finding the DOT & KEY serum. When it comes to Vitamin C, my skin is usually intolerant of it because of my acne-prone skin. However, HOLY MOLLY,  this serum didn’t irritate my skin in spite of the Vitamin C in it. There was no redness or breakouts. Also, my skin starting having this morning glow which got me on the right foot with my confidence.

This glow was perhaps due to my skin being hydrated. In fact, I feel my acne was controlled about 70% from effective use. I could see my post whiteheads reducing around my T-zone.

This is one of the first Indian brands that I am head-over-heels for. Don’t come at me saying there are so many good Indian brands now. I agree that Indian brands are doing so much better now but not all are as effective. Nonetheless, I personally feel that this brand is going to put its name on the international top with its leading skincare products.

How to use Dot & Key Hyaluronic Serum Concentrate?

Take 3 to 4 drops in ur palm and gently massage it into your skin in an anticlockwise direction.

When is the best time to use Dot & Key Hyaluronic Serum Concentrate?

At night when your skin is free from all the harsh environment.


It comes in a plastic bottle with a tube suction attached to it, which makes it easier for the product to be taken out in an efficient way.

Pros & Cons of Dot & Key Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum


  • Very affordable
  • Provides long-lasting hydration to dull dehydrated skin
  • Improves skin barrier function restoring skin’s plumpness
  • Fights free radicals and daily environmental aggressors
  • Moisturizes the skin and prevents premature aging
  • Heals damaged skin and promotes cell regeneration
  • Leaves the skin with a calming and soothing effect


  • I wish they increased their quantity.

Final Verdict

I LOVE IT and will recommend this to anyone with dry skin problems.

Our Ratings: 9/10

Price: INR 895 (for 30ml)

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