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Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer Review

We all have come across one pal among our group who is vegan. Yes, it is difficult to be vegan, however, you and I can boast about one thing we chose to be vegan for, and that is cosmetics. Today I will be reviewing the vegan product – Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer – Only Yours.

Today a lot of brands claim that their vegan, cruelty-free, and organic, and use natural extracts. So here is another brand that chose to add a new product line with the existing brands; the Colorbar vegan nail lacquer.

The product claims it is a patented vegan nail lacquer nourished with biotin and calcium; It’s a next-gen revolutionary patented nail lacquer with everlasting sustainable promise.

I can only promise that you may be influenced to buy this product after reading the final verdict; unlike the product which promises it’s everlasting.

Product Facts

  • Shelflife: 6 months
  • Color: chalk pink
  • Texture: Gel finish
  • Fragrance: mild paint

My experience with Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer

I apply nail paint occasionally, and this time I was checking my collection of nail paints and realized I need to fill them with shades of pink. I stepped out and ditched online shopping for once. So I went to the shopping mall for a stress buster and checked out the various brands of cosmetics and searched for nail paints.

The counter staff of the color bar approached me and she said there is a new range of nail lacquer that is vegan and introduced me to the product. I was influenced by her and simply took a glance at the collection and thought why not make a deal?

The shades were all new and elegant, I chose the shade of pink I needed and couldn’t wait to try this nail paint.

I was surprised with this product for its brush, it’s extremely cute, soft, and perfect to hold and apply with ease. The color was bright and elegant. The finish is glossy and a double coat makes it just perfect.

It kept my nails hydrated and moisturized like the product claims, it didn’t chip off. and it didn’t leave color even on removal. It indeed keeps to its promise.

My experience, says this product is a good buy and is definitely here to stay.

How to use Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer Only Yours?

 Apply an initial, very thin coat, starting in the center of the nail and then continuing to the sides.

• Follow with a second, more generous coat to add depth to the color.

• Maximize shine with a coat of Colorbar Topcoat.

All of this guide is stated in the bottle so I just followed the instructions and voila it was perfect.

When to use Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer Only Yours?

Who says no to nail paint? If you are bored with how your nails appear or want to enhance a good manicure then paint your nails with this shade. Simply apply it when you feel like it.

Packaging of the Colorbar Nail Lacquer

  • The nail lacquer is filled in a recyclable glass bottle with the necessary labels consisting of the instructions, it’s pros and cons.
  • It is a new product in the market and has all the details on the cover neatly written.
  • The product claims: Sustainable / Eco-friendly packaging along with vegan formula reduces harm done to the environment.

Pros and Cons of Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer


  • It’s 100% vegan
  • Paraben-free and non-toxic.
  • The brush and the handle are superb
  • Easy to apply and perfect finish
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Long-lasting and high gloss
  • Nourishes your nails
  • The color doesn’t spread on removal unlike other cheap products


Couldn’t find any.

Final verdict on the Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer

Vegan products in their range of products are here to stay, The best part is the aroma of nail paint like most other nail paints was very mild and non-toxic. It is a must try and I love the shade too. It’s baby pink and feminine. Looks very subtle and elegant for those who love being elegant and neat always.

Where to buy Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer

Available on the official website and on amazon and other e-commerce sites.

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