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Colorbar All-Rounder Matte Pencil Eyeliner Review

We all loved the fairy tale of little red riding hood. I recall this fairy tale because the product; The Colorbar All-Rounder Matte Pencil Eyeliner – ruby red I am reviewing, reminds me of it. Just like red riding hood was brave, similarly, in the real world, we got to be a rebel. This product is definitely for the unapologetic woman to be fierce and undefended.

The color bar sources its inspiration from the millennium woman who believes in expressing their moods and desires through color and believes in redefining the chic and sensual women of today. This all-rounder pencil by the color bar is here to charm all of you beautiful women. So move your gaze to the far end of this review and know the verdict.


Shelflife: 2 years

Colour: Ruby red

Texture: matte crayon

Fragrance: pungent

My experience with Colorbar All-Rounder Matte Pencil Eyeliner

Red eyeliner always stood out when models and fashion icons wore it. I was amazed that such a thing existed because black, brown, and blue were already trending. This was something I hadn’t tried out. I came across these color bar swatches which had a 3-in-one or what they call an “all-rounder” pencil with multi-usages. I just loved this ruby red and got it firsthand.

The question was when to wear it. after the purchase. It’s a risk to try a new color since I was unsure of how it would look, and the color red is quite a bold move to try, on the eye. Well I took the chance and tried it on like eyeliner and the color was so bright, not completely red but rose or ruby red, and it looked really stunning. It was visible because of its pigmentation, it didn’t smudge and stayed till dusk. The color highlights and enhances your eyes and it got me enough stares.

This product is with me for quite a long while and the crayon is still perfect and unbroken. I also used it as a kajal, it caused a little burning sensation the first time I applied it, leaving a rich impact. It’s simply worth the risk.

I haven’t really tried using it as a lip liner but I can vouch it will be a good move.

I’d like to state:- “Be a rebel with Ruby Red.

How to use Colorbar All-Rounder Matte Pencil?

Quite easy to use as a Kajal, you just have to hold it like a pencil and draw a line starting from the inner corner to the outer corner. OR apply the liner along the upper lash line and you are ready to be complimented. Or use it as a Lip liner along with the natural lip line. Just so easy isn’t it?

Pro-tip: Give 40 seconds for the formula to set and you are ready to dazzle states the product.

When to use Colorbar All-Rounder Matte Pencil?

Be vogue with and go, rogue, any way you like!

Not all of us can afford the expensive ruby jewels, but we can always have the ruby in many variants. This Colorbar ruby red eye pencil can be used when you want to ditch the black and blues and want some vibrant color to rock your day. So apply this eyeliner on your upper eye as an eyeliner or lower eye as a kajal, or use it as a lip liner.

The color stands out at any time of the day, and trust me you will definitely get a stare. Use it when you want and be ready to slay.


This eye pencil is packed within a box which contains the name of the shade and the general details. The crayon is fitted within the holder. The holder is quite impressive, it contains the label and is in the color of the crayon. The lid is extremely well-fitted and doesn’t fall off.

Pros and Cons of Colorbar All-Rounder Matte Pencil Eyeliner


  • 1 product serves as a Kajal, Eyeliner, and Lip liner.
  • Highly pigmented and long-lasting
  • Intense matte finish for your lips up to 8 hours.
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof formula to make your day carefree.
  • User-friendly, travel friendly
  • Value for money
  • Good packaging
  • The crayon doesn’t break.
  • Cruelty-free and no preservatives


  • It may be sensitive to some while applying under the eye.
  • Handy and safe for those with sensitive eyes and contact lenses- I don’t agree with this.

Final verdict:

On the red eyeliner and stand out among the crowd… “Let people gaze ! and say; “I have now sought you.”

Where to buy Colorbar All-Rounder Matte Eyeliner

Available on E-commerce platforms, find it on amazon

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