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2022 Fashion Styles Trends for Spring and Summer -Surprise

How beautiful a sight it is to watch the flowers bloom; after the cold winter season, we need some sunshine and color. The growth of a bud to a flower is just an example that change is the only constant. The aroma of fresh flowers is soothing and blissful. Nature tells us that Spring is here. With that I bring you 2022 Fashion Styles Trends for Spring and Summer.

The Spring season is associated with flowers, and over the years the fashion industry has always dedicated itself to spring-summer fashion week. Who doesn’t like flowers? I am pretty sure all of us do. It’s so fragile, beautiful, and vivid. This season of spring you too can be as bright and beautiful as a flower.

Also, Summer is here and we got to be prepared to beat the heat! With the fashion technology and recently concluded spring- summer fashion week; there are plenty of takeaways for us this season. So rock every outfit every day and enjoy the spring-summer season. This spring-summer what else do you do than “exploring” !.

Fashion Style statements for Springs – Floral inspired looks

As I mentioned earlier; that the season of spring is associated with flowers. This spring season gets your wardrobe some beautiful clothing in floral prints, leaf prints, and fruit prints. Wait a minute; I know there could be fashion disasters when dressing in floral. So how to avoid them? Well, take notes from now.

Wearing floral needs confidence! We saw Priyanka Chopra Jonas going bold in large floral prints at The Fashion Awards held in London, UK. I am her admirer and I took referrals from all her outfits while writing this blog.

Floral print dress:

We all love wearing dresses or maxi’s, and floral prints are a wardrobe staple. When you buy one, remember to go for small floral prints as they appear neat and aren’t an eyesore. If you want to try the bolder one, then, choose wisely and wear something in block colors with floral prints. It’s going to grab all the attention, trust me.

Floral/ leaf print skirt:

Skirts are super stylish and comfortable. It could be a thigh-slit skirt, a mini skirt, or a long skirt. You can wear them in prints of flowers, leaves, petals, or berries. A printed skirt is another Favorite of mine; because wearing a skirt is so much more comfortable than wearing denim this season. So ditch the denim for once and ship to skirts. Let the summer evenings be as flowy as the skirt pleats.

Floral T-shirt/ crop tops.

When it gets too hot the best clothing is a T-shirt and a crop top. So get the printed T’s out from your closet and wear them for a casual outing, or indoors. I believe Crop tops were made for summer; they are so cute and chic and they can be styled with any damn outfit. For instance, wear a crop top with a long skirt, or a palazzo pant, or any trouser. It just makes every woman look chivalrous.

Floral bottoms.

Personally, floral pants aren’t in my wardrobe, but when I see celebrities, or my peers wear it, I am amazed. Choosing the right prints for the bottom, is a tough task. You can pick from either normal trousers like joggers, wide-legged pants, floral designed denim, or simply buy a boho-inspired print pant and you can slay it on a hot summer day.

You can also get the hippie look by wearing harem/ dhoti pants, or everyone’s Favorite palazzo. These bottoms wear are comfortable and convenient to wear on any day. I am sure you are thinking “sunshine on my mind”, what else do you need? Pack your luggage now and chase the sun.

Fashion Style statements for Summers

How often do you change your clothes in summer? The heat can make us want to be in a pool of cold water always or take a stroll on the beach. But there’s one fabric that does wonders in summer. That is cotton. This fabric is an absolute Favorite. The reason is it absorbs sweat and  keeps us cool in summer. In large parts of Asia cotton is grown, separated, and woven into fabric and finally, a garment is made. It is a highly used fabric here in India. So grab one for yourself too. In most parts of India, the men clad themselves in a dhoti, typically made from cotton and women wear salwar kameez to beat the summer heat. There are a lot more fabrics that are summer-friendly, like linen, sheer, khadi, and silk. These fabrics are pre-dominant in summer and will certainly help all to stay cool in summer.

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

What are you thinking now? Sweat rolling down your forehead and you probably sipping some cold drinks and enjoying a slight breeze and feeling good? Oh well, I am experiencing the same. but I wish to make your life a little easier by helping you decide what should you wear this summer. You got it easy. so continue reading below.


This is a go-to outfit. One can’t have enough T-shirts. Be it oversized or a casual one. T-shirts are the best clothing for summer. Want to stay Indoors in summer then the most preferred fabric is cotton or sheers so wear a T-shirt; want to go on a casual outing? wear a T-shirt, Want to go to a party? wear a T-shirt. Because they are damn “cool” and funky too. Why wait? just wear it and add some more to your collection of T-shirts.


In India the summers are extreme and what is best to wear than cotton or linen or silk, these fabrics are breathable and help your skin to perspire too. A Kurti/ tunic tops are a must-have. Kurtis can be pastel, floral, or printed like ikkat, indigo, or tye-dye. So enjoy your desi avatar with a Kurti, styled with a skirt, flair pants, or denim. Leave the leggings this summer and wear your Kurta over a skirt. It’s currently trending.


Kafthans are so fashionable and elegant. You can wear them easily and style them up with heels. It is an ankle-length garment with long flowing sleeves either long or short in length. The kafthan is like the Indian kimono. It is so breezy and comfortable. It is available usually in prints and it is a must-have summer outfit this season.

Summer Spring Beach Fusion Fashion Trends:

India has always been influenced by the west. But the indo- western outfit is a major fashion goal to wear this season. Fusion is always good, isn’t it? Indo- the western outfit is not always denim with Kurti. It’s much more than what people always think. Yes the OG for indo-western is definitely Fashion houses from India made outfits to keep the tradition and culture alive in the contemporary era.

Skirt- top:

Skirts are one garment that all women love. It’s easy to wear, it’s elegant and feminine. To make it appear more cozy and cute you can always wear it with a crop top or a t-shirt or a Kurti. You can be wedding ready with a lehenga, or simply wear a long tunic over a skirt. For a party night, you can wear a thigh-slit skirt or a mini skirt. A skirt can be worn to work, casual outings, or parties. weddings or any time. I am sure you’re going to be the talk of the day for the style statement.


Monochrome/ co-ord sets, flair dress, frocks, gowns, or body-con dress/ jumpsuits: Wear it all this spring-summer. What do women want? The answer is every damn outfit in the market! But we can’t hoard everything right? so just get the basic and trendiest clothes this time too. The most amazing outfit for a woman in summer is a dress. Dress is definitely everyone’s Favorite. I know some women still shy away to show off their legs or thighs. But dress for summer in a pretty long maxi or a beautiful frock. That’s not all there is one outfit that one must have this season and that is the jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is just a one-piece dress and you can wear it on a hot summer day and do everything you love. This summer you will rock the party certainly.

Monochrome/ co-ord:

When you want to wear a monochrome remember to wear what suits your body type. Alwayswear vertical lines because that makes anyone look taller. A horizontal line set simply makes you look oversized, especially in a monochrome set. You could also choose from a double shaded co-ord set or the bold solid colors. Ooh, I’m sure you can wait no more to get dressed and express yourself.


Well this garment is revolutionary. If shorts were only for men, women would cry in summer having to wear only long trousers. We are grateful to the fashion industry for making shorts for women. I bet Everyone has a pair of shorts in their wardrobe. Shorts in summer are not just comfortable, they are cute and sexy too. Shorts could be in fabrics of denim, cotton, or lace, choose what you like and wear them with a nice Tee or with a tunic. It looks classy and suave.


Yes you heard it right! A sari. This garment is gorgeous. You can wear it in several styles and look stunning always. What’s trending is the dhoti style sari and what’s recently introduced is the sari jumpsuit. Basically, this outfit is inspired by the sari and it has a pallu running down the shoulder and the pants are similar to that of a jumpsuit. So one can always have the Desi avatar with a modern touch. But my friends a cotton sari can always be worn in summers. you can wear it with denim or just like a normal sari.

Conclusion to the Fashion trends 2022

My readers’ fashion is wearing what you are comfortable with but in this era of social media influence we all prefer to belong to the family of fashion influencers. One can always try new trends and be game for fashion. I hope I have helped you all with the basic cues that would help you try new outfits and also, stay stylish this spring-summer.

While I am at the seashore watching the crimson sunset, I wish you and I make a resolution this 2022, because it’s everything twice, to have twice the fun, twice the happiness, and twice the style.

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