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The Body Shop Moisture Foundation Review SPF15

What a tedious task it is, to find the right foundation which matches one’s skin tone. I had to search high and low before I finally got my hands on the body shop – moisture foundation. Here is The Body Shop Moisture Foundation Review, on this all-time favorite product of mine which I have been using for quite some time!

The Body Shop - Moisture foundation Review

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation with SPF 15 is a foundation cream with sunscreen. It claims to help prevent sunburn. Let me tell you more about my experience below!


Shelf Life : 3 years from the date of manufacturing

Color : Nude Light Brown

Fragrance : Vanilla

My Experience

Having wheatish skin myself, it has always been difficult to select a foundation that matches my skin tone. Finding this body shop foundation was indeed the best find ever. Being a working woman, I always prefer subtle makeup, and hence foundation that comes with moisturization is always the perfect choice because it makes the work simpler.

Since my work is usually outdoors, I always end up getting tanned. In fact, my tan is so bad that my forehead and face turned into two different tones altogether. On trying this foundation, I was elated not only because it gave me the right skin tone but also because it protected my skin from getting tanned and sunburnt. I also like the matte finish and feel. What more do we need from a foundation? Well, this foundation does its work beautifully for my skin.

FYI, I am also a dancer, and make-up forms an important part of my dance character. This foundation just amplifies the beauty and also lasts for about 24 hours. Hence, it’s now my favorite product.   

However, a small word of advice: Use a little starting from the middle portion of your face and spread all over using a sponge to get an even tone.

How to use The Body Shop Moisture Foundation?

Pour 4 drops on your finger and dab with your hand or sponge all around your face and neck.

When is the best time to use The Body Shop Moisture Foundation?

After cleansing and toning your skin but before applying powder.


Pump up bottle with a metal lid and a label wrap.

Pros & Cons of The Body Shop Moisture Foundation


  • Easy to apply
  • No need to use a primer
  • Long-lasting
  • Doesn’t dry up your skin


  • Pricey but worth it

Final Verdict

A must-have foundation in your kitty because you can just dab and dazzle and keep your skin protected.

Our Ratings: 9/10

Price: INR 1895 / 30ml

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