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JOVEES Herbal Rose Moisturizing Body Wash Review

I have always been a fan of shower gels. Personally, I prefer them over soap to maintain hygiene. Unlike soaps, shower gels will not get exposed to the contact of bacteria or fungus. After trying so many shower gels, finally, I feel like I found my soul mate. Nobody was as consistent, lovely, and supporting as this product. P.S. I cannot wait to tell you more about my lovely shower companion, so let’s go through the good and bad aspects of the product. So, here is JOVEES Herbal Rose Moisturizing Body Wash Review.

JOVEES Herbal Rose Moisturizing Body Wash Review


  • For Women/Men? : Men/Women
  • Shelf Life : 3 years
  • Color : pink
  • Fragrance : this has a rose petal smell which lingers even after the shower for 3-4 hours.


The product comes in a transparent container with a golden lid.

How to apply

Use it while taking shower. 3 to 4 drops are enough to cover the entire body especially if you use a bath sponge. Using the bath sponge apply it all over the body and wash it with water. The foam gives you the immense pleasure of rose petals and smoothens your body.

My Experience

The body wash is ’the new black’ in the market today. Considering hygiene, people prefer to use body wash, or atleast I do. While flowing with the crowd, I found this amazing product. I have been using this for roughly 8 months and I am absolutely happy with the body wash. These are not only affordable but effective too.

This product has ingredients like Rose petals, Chamomile, Green tea leaf, lotus flower, comfrey leaf, passionflower which would nourish your skin and add softness and silky tone to it. It is non-drying and perfect for daily use. Packaging of the body wash is also really good and it justifies the money you are paying for the product. The fact that this shower gel is easy to remove is a plus. Also, it doesn’t take time to rinse.

Best time to apply

During the shower.


  • It makes skin silky and soft.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Refreshing ingredients like rose petals and chamomile.


  • Nothing as such because it is worth the price you pay. It lasts for roughly 2 months.

Final Verdict

  • The body wash is worth trying. I have been using it since 8 months and the result has been positive. It has natural ingredients that help your skin prevent dryness and other skin disorders. There is no negative experience as such. This helped me to have the soft and dry-free skin I always wanted.
  • Our Ratings : 9.5/10
  • Price : INR 315 for 300ml

Where to Buy

Online websites or outlets.

Hope you enjoyed reading JOVEES Herbal Rose Moisturizing Body Wash Review. Read more posts on Body Care here.

By Ranjan Bhandary

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