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Beauty Formulas Softening Intensive Foot Cream Review

I raised my legs keeping one above the other at my balcony chair and sat there looking at the scenic beauty. Clicked a picture of my feet with the radiance of the sun; Picture Perfect. Isn’t it? While inspecting the picture, I was taken aback to see my feet so pretty and clean. “Don’t make me put my feet down”, I captioned it later. I am sure most women and men love happy feet; sadly the pandemic has been telling us to stay 6 feet apart; however, that doesn’t stop anyone from loving their “feet” apart. So read the Beauty Formulas Intensive Foot Cream Review to know the secret behind my happy feet.

Beauty Formulas Softening Intensive Foot Cream Review

The Beauty Formula’s Softening Foot Cream claims that it has deep penetrating formula to soften and condition dry skin to leave feet soft and smooth. Let us test the claim. Read on below!


Shelf Life : 1 year

Color : White

Fragrance : Strong menthol and peppermint fragrance

My Experience

Being a working woman, I have to always run errands and my feet put so much effort to help me complete my work. That’s when I decided to reward my feet too and take care of them. Then when I looked out for some foot care products and came across this one. I tried it and I have no regrets.

I applied this cream on a daily basis before going to bed, and the results were just amazing. It left my feet smooth and removed dullness and dryness and made me feel like I was walking on a snow carpet.

This cream has a strong menthol aroma and gives a cooling effect when you apply it, which is very satisfying. Also, it moisturizes the skin and has a lasting effect. I just love the fact that my feet are happy about me using the cream and so am I.

How to use Beauty Formulas Intensive Foot Cream

Press the tube and take a generous amount of the cream, and gently massage on your feet evenly on both sides.

When is the best time to use Beauty Formulas Intensive Foot Cream?

Day- after shower / night- before going to bed.


A white tube with label wrap and an open- close lid.

Pros & Cons of Beauty Formulas Intensive Foot Cream


  • Softens skin
  • Cooling effect
  • Deep absorption and long-lasting
  • Moisturization
  • Easy to apply
  • It’s unisex


  • Doesn’t help in healing cracks

Final Verdict

It’s definitely a good buy if you want to feel close to earth through your feet and keep them moisturized.

Our Ratings: 8/10

Price : INR 230 for 100ml

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